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Spring 2015

ThursdayMay 21

5:00 PMThe Easy Leaves

6:30 PMChicago Farmer

Cody Diekhoff is a singer-songwriter whose mid-West upbringing is at the heart of the stories he tells. His music relates to folks who work hard and put in a long day no matter where they’re from. His latest release, Backenforth, IL is filled with Guthrie-inspired songs that are about “finding your place in life – that sweet spot where we all belong.” And man ‘o mister, if there’s one place we all belong, it’s Strawberry. Here he is performing a great pool hall song, For Dad.

7:45 PMWilly Tea Taylor

9:00 PMPeter Rowan's Big Twang Theory

Peter Rowan has played with the greats of bluegrass, keen on the power of collaboration all along the way. With the Big Twang Theory, he’s come back to his bluegrass/country roots in search of that gold ole’ country twang we all know and love. It’ll be a show to remember with the talents of Michael Witcher on dobro, Paul Knight on bass, guitar-Goddess Nina Gerber, and his son, Michael Carter Rowan (Chartz) on drums. Here they are performing a number of tunes during a performance last spring!

FridayMay 22

11:00 AMThe Dixie Giants

12:30 PMRay Bonneville

The music of Ray Bonneville can be characterized as hard-driving blues, but if you ask him, he calls it “an offspring of traditional blues.” His raw energy and playing style creates an intoxicating groove; one that has a “remarkable ability to bridge blues, folk and Americana to create his own unique sound.” Ray draws inspiration from the places he's been, writing about characters who stumble their way through a rough and tumble world. See why the Folk Americana Alliance voters chose his song I Am the Big Easy as Song of the Year in 2012.

1:45 PMNew Orleans Suspects

5:45 PMDavid Myles Trio

7:15 PMJulian Lage and Chris Eldridge

8:45 PMBonnie Raitt

SaturdayMay 23

11:00 AMDan Bern

12:30 PMThe Dustbowl Revival

1:45 PMAJ Ghent Band

5:45 PMEilen Jewell

7:15 PMAnders Osborne

8:45 PMSam Bush Band

The celebratory 30th Anniversary season of Strawberry just wouldn’t be right if it didn’t include Sam. A much-loved fixture on the Strawberry stage, Grammy Award winning multi-instrumentalist Sam Bush truly needs no introduction. But for those of you who are ‘Strawberry Virgins’ we’ll give you a tip: you’ll want to witness first-hand Sam’s jaw-dropping skills on the mandolin and the phenomenal talent of his band Scott Vestal, Stephen Mougin, Byron House and Chris Brown.

SundayMay 24

12:00 PMSam Baker

Sam Baker is driven to write “beautiful story songs about everyday living” that are simple on the surface, poetic underneath. His songs share his positive outlook on life and an ever-grateful attitude for essential things. There’s a bigger story that explains his perspective, but we’ll let him tell you that himself. He has a new CD out this summer entitled Say Grace and it’s bound to be a chart topper before you know it. In this video of Waves you’ll get a good feel for his sound.

1:15 PMFront Country

2:30 PMMarley's Ghost

When it comes to festival regulars, Marley’s Ghost is certainly on the frequent flier list. They’re longtime festival veterans whose music we've witnessed grow and evolve over the years, cementing their place in our hearts. Their latest CD, Jubilee, was produced in celebration of their 25th Anniversary. It is rich with vocal harmonies, upbeat rhythms and traditional American storytelling; having been labeled a “roots music tour-de-force.” Get ready for an evening of hometown entertainment. Here’s a nice example of their versatility in Should I Be Singin’ the Blues.

5:00 PMDella Mae

6:30 PMThe Duhks

8:00 PMThe Mavericks

When the Mavericks first came onto the music scene in the late 80s, they took the country by storm, blurring the lines between musical genres and gaining fans everywhere. Fast forward to 2013 and we find them producing music that is more inspired than ever. After an eight-year hiatus, they've released a new CD titled In Time and are eager to tear up the main stage on Friday night! Here they are performing Come Unto Me.

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