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The full lineup for the 2013 Fall Festival is listed below. The lineup can also be viewed as a Schedule Grid if you perfer. Lastly, the lineup for the Spring festival which occurred this past May can be found in the Performer Archive.

Fall 2013

ThursdayAugust 29

5:15 PMStrange on the Range

Hailing from the Reno area, Strange on the Range is known for adding their own flair to traditional bluegrass standards, swing and rock tunes that fans have come to love. The core members are Bill McKean on guitar, Scott Gavin on Banjo and Zeke Griffin on mandolin. Joining them on bass is Bob McNamara. They’re an energetic five-piece band who are sure to kick off the Fall festival with some hot picking and grinning. Here they are showing their diversity with While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

6:30 PMChicago Farmer

Cody Diekhoff is a singer-songwriter whose mid-West upbringing is at the heart of the stories he tells. His music relates to folks who work hard and put in a long day no matter where they’re from. His latest release, Backenforth, IL is filled with Guthrie-inspired songs that are about “finding your place in life – that sweet spot where we all belong.” And man ‘o mister, if there’s one place we all belong, it’s Strawberry. Here he is performing a great pool hall song, For Dad.

7:45 PMSarah Potenza and the Tall Boys

On their first outing to Strawberry, Sarah and the Tall Boys rocked the house! There was a mutual feeling of love in the air by festival’s end and we’re glad to have them back! They specialize in original country/soul music that features Sarah’s powerful voice backed by the talented musical arrangements coming from the Tall Boys. You’ll be hooked from the first song. Grab your honky tonk boots and have a good time! You can check out what to expect for their Thursday night set in Friday Night Man.

9:00 PMHot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum headlines the main stage on Thursday night - gladly taking on the job of making sure y’all have a good time. Their music combines multiple genres into a riveting blend of Americana and they thrive on the chemistry of live shows. They are best friends who long ago decided to form a band while on a hiking trip in the High Sierra. What a natural fit for Strawberry! You can warm up to their sound in this video of A Great Many Things.

FridayAugust 30

11:15 AM10 String Symphony

Rachel Baiman (formerly of Belfry Fellows) and Christian Sedelmyer (formerly of the Farewell Drifters) met in Nashville and realized a shared passion for the range and depth of the five-string fiddle (thus the band’s name).They represent that special gift that Nashville offers music lovers everywhere: “world-class musicians with an incredible amount of soul and a love of great songs.” Their synchronicity has been called compelling, their vocal dynamics and acoustic innovation mesmerizing. You can get up close and personal with their music in this video of I’ll Be Here in the Morning.

12:30 PMThe Haunted Windchimes

The music of the Haunted Windchimes is rooted in the sound of traditional folk and American roots. You’ll hear elements of bluegrass, blues and country, laced with a uniquely vintage quality. Sung in beautiful three-part harmony, their songs paint pictures of empty train stations and nights of passing a jug of moonshine around. The group has three CD’s to their credit; the latest entitled Live at the Western Jubilee. Get to know what makes their sound special by viewing Say You’re Sorry.

1:45 PMMasters of the Fiddle featuring Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy

Natalie MacMaster is no stranger to the Strawberry stage and this time around, she’s on tour with her husband, Donnell Leahy, as the Masters of the Fiddle. Together, they’ll treat us to the best of French, Celtic, Cajun and American Bluegrass styles in a manner that only true masters can deliver. It’ll be a foot-tapping, heart-pounding afternoon of dance and frivolity, Cape Breton style! Get your tappin’ shoes ready and enjoy the preview.

5:45 PMMary Gauthier

Mary Gauthier is a passionate, Grammy-winning performer whose songs “carry so much emotional punch, they can leave you staggering.” Her songs are deeply truthful and relatable, earning her a solid reputation as a highly influential singer-songwriter whose songs have been recorded by many. With six albums to her credit - her latest is Live at Blue Rock - the accolades are many. Still she works hard, digs deeper and delivers just what the doctor ordered. Mercy Now is a good example of her ability to profoundly connect with each and every one of us.

7:15 PMPeter Rowan's Big Twang Theory

Peter Rowan has played with the greats of bluegrass, keen on the power of collaboration all along the way. With the Big Twang Theory, he’s come back to his bluegrass/country roots in search of that gold ole’ country twang we all know and love. It’ll be a show to remember with the talents of Michael Witcher on dobro, Paul Knight on bass, guitar-Goddess Nina Gerber, and his son, Michael Carter Rowan (Chartz) on drums. Here they are performing a number of tunes during a performance last spring!

8:45 PMThe Mavericks

When the Mavericks first came onto the music scene in the late 80s, they took the country by storm, blurring the lines between musical genres and gaining fans everywhere. Fast forward to 2013 and we find them producing music that is more inspired than ever. After an eight-year hiatus, they've released a new CD titled In Time and are eager to tear up the main stage on Friday night! Here they are performing Come Unto Me.

SaturdayAugust 31

11:15 AMSam Baker

Sam Baker is driven to write “beautiful story songs about everyday living” that are simple on the surface, poetic underneath. His songs share his positive outlook on life and an ever-grateful attitude for essential things. There’s a bigger story that explains his perspective, but we’ll let him tell you that himself. He has a new CD out this summer entitled Say Grace and it’s bound to be a chart topper before you know it. In this video of Waves you’ll get a good feel for his sound.

12:30 PMRay Bonneville

The music of Ray Bonneville can be characterized as hard-driving blues, but if you ask him, he calls it “an offspring of traditional blues.” His raw energy and playing style creates an intoxicating groove; one that has a “remarkable ability to bridge blues, folk and Americana to create his own unique sound.” Ray draws inspiration from the places he's been, writing about characters who stumble their way through a rough and tumble world. See why the Folk Americana Alliance voters chose his song I Am the Big Easy as Song of the Year in 2012.

1:45 PMThe California Honeydrops

The California Honeydrops own the Saturday afternoon slot. Year after year, their music has created a frenzy of dance activity, singing, and joyful times so infectious, even the trees get in on the action. It simply can’t be helped with the sound they lay down. Call it blues, soul, or New Orleans line jazz – any title will do. This band intends for you to FEEL the vibe and get movin’, so let’s not disappoint. Here’s the title track from their new CD Like You Mean It.

5:45 PMThe Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit

Leading off the main stage on Saturday night, the Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit will set out to make “good, honest, insightful music, that’s not afraid of a good time,” much like a Strawberry audience. They can be described as a hybrid of Americana, folk, rock, bluegrass, and sweet old country & western. Their choice instrumentation, original material, and strong cohesion typically leave audiences with a lasting impression. We’re up for that, right? Here they are performing The Burden of Sea Captains.

7:15 PMJerry Douglas Band

Acclaimed dobroist Jerry Douglas is practically synonymous with Strawberry, having performed too many times to count and through several different musical incarnations over the years. This time, he’s touring with bassist Viktor Krauss, Luke Bulla on violin and Doug Belote on drums. Of his latest record, Traveler, Jerry says he’s experimenting, taking his music to places he’s never been before. What a compelling reason to catch their set! Here, Jerry talks about the making of Traveler and his fellow musicians in the band.

8:45 PMPatty Griffin

Patty Griffin has been one busy artist since last visiting Strawberry in 2008. She made Downtown Church, an album of classic gospel tunes in 2010, toured with the Band of Joy, and has just released a brand new album entitled American Kid. Her new music features a group of “remarkably powerful, personal and unpredictable songs,” written as a tribute to her late father. As catharsis goes, what better place than Strawberry to heal and be transformed? Here she is singing Go Wherever You Wanna Go.

SundaySeptember 1

9:00 AMRevival at Birch Lake

Selected artists will be performing at the Birch Lake stage.
1:00 PMThe Hillbenders

To say that the Hillbenders put out a lot of energy during a performance would be a gross understatement. These gents are out to “make bluegrass hip again." They do it by mixing genres and playing really fast, like many a jam band today. They’re firmly rooted in bluegrass traditions, yet happy to innovate their way into the future. No matter how you slice it, it makes for a really good time. Speaking of innovation, here they are mixing it up with Talking In Your Sleep.

2:15 PMKathy Kallick Band

Kathy Kallick is a Strawberry veteran who’s appeared over the years with her current band as well as the Good Ol’ Persons. She’s well-respected as a pioneer of the West Coast bluegrass sound that holds true to the Monroe-based tradition and is a prolific writer of original music, with 17 albums to her credit. Members of the band are equally talented and musically accomplished including Tom Bekeny, Annie Staninect, Greg Booth and Sharon Gilchrist. Enjoy the down-home feeling that comes from this performance of My Little Cabin Home.

5:00 PMChris Webster and Nina Gerber

Chris Webster is said to have a magical singing style, the kind that makes you want to cry for no other reason than you feel moved. Kick it up a notch with Nina Gerber’s guitar playing and you have a smokin’ hot duo that will leave you wondering what just happened. Together, they deliver soulful tunes straight from the heart, which is the perfect set up for the final evening set of the festival. See for yourself in this video of Wild Ride.

6:30 PMMarley's Ghost

When it comes to festival regulars, Marley’s Ghost is certainly on the frequent flier list. They’re longtime festival veterans whose music we've witnessed grow and evolve over the years, cementing their place in our hearts. Their latest CD, Jubilee, was produced in celebration of their 25th Anniversary. It is rich with vocal harmonies, upbeat rhythms and traditional American storytelling; having been labeled a “roots music tour-de-force.” Get ready for an evening of hometown entertainment. Here’s a nice example of their versatility in Should I Be Singin’ the Blues.

8:00 PMThe Del McCoury Band

When folks talk of bluegrass legends, one of the first names to come up is Del McCoury. He’s been recording for over 50 years and by Richard Thompson’s account “he’s still experimenting to bring other kinds of music into the bluegrass form.” The boys in the band include sons Rob and Ronnie, Jason Carter and Alan Bartram. It’ll be an evening of a special blend of home grown music and good times. Here they are performing Don’t Stop the Music.

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