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Strawberry Camps

What is a "Strawberry Camp"?

Many groups of people who attend the festival year after year have established their own "camps". These camps are frequently located in the same general area during each festival and contribute greatly to the festival atmosphere for all attendees. Some of the camps are pretty famous in Strawberry folklore and even provide a venue for a wide range of off-stage jam sessions.

Following is a list of camps from Strawberry past and present. If your camp does not appear, but you would like it added to the list, please Send Us the camp name and a little blurb about the camp including where it is usually located and when it was established. Also, feel free to use the Photo Submission Form to upload a photo or two of your camp. Please include the camp's name in the caption area on the submission form so that we can associate the photo correctly with your camp entry.

Camp Name About the Camp 
1807  Sign 
219 Hog Ranch Road  Sign 
5 Fong Girls Camp  Sign 
72 Haight Sunset  Sign 
Area 51  Sign 
Arrrr Camp "Located across from Coyote Meadows on Hog Ranch Road Where the meadow meets the trees, between the barbed wire and Porta Potties. Our ship is full of die hard Strawberry Pirates who have been roaming these seas for many years, collecting a bounty of friends and family to ply with good music and tequilla jams. We fly our flags high in the trees and welcome all who are not afraid of a few unrully little pirates and pirates that sometimes go stumbling in the night." Sign 
Baked Goods "Baked Goods is located up from the intersection where Yosemite Trails Road and Meadow View Trail merge. We bake often, but that doesn't have much to do with food. Our tunes are sometimes half-baked too." Sign 
Belle Monroe's Brewglass Lounge  Sign 
Bloody Marys  Sign 
Birch Lake Noodle Choir "The Birch Lake Noodle Choir is a camp that's been going strong for over 10 years. We earned our name one year when we invited people to raft up with us on the lake but only if they would join us in song. We ended up with about 35 people singing water themed music. Our camp is usually located down the road from Camp Pig Out towards the tennis courts and sometimes we're right next to the tennis courts. Our camp is notorious for singing everything and anything. Regulars at the camp are Jerry Paul (the guy walking around with the stand-up bass on wheels called the "Jerry Rig"), his wife Claire, Jonathon Arthur and Gail Swaim (sing with the Banana Slugs), Jody Healy, me and my wife Barbara (San Francisco Bach Choir and UC Davis University chorus) our kids and lots of other musicians and singers so we seem to keep growing every Strawberry. We're up to about 20 people now. We create a stage with tarps and Jerry's Econoline van as a backdrop. We love Strawberry!!!" Sign 
Bass Camp  Sign 
Blue Fish Bar  Sign 
Blue Shoes  Sign | Sign 2 | Blue Shoes Ukulele Orchestra Sign | Photo 
Bodie Beer Bonanza "This camp, so named because of our jam area backdrop, is also known as Campelot. It was established near Rock in the Road in about 1990 and is inhabited by former Fiddlestix (original Strawberry host band) members Cactus Bob Cole and Chris Stevenson (aka Prairie Flower), and their friends. In Fall 2003 it was re-christened CampObeyBob." Sign 
Booty Camp  Sign 
Boot Camp "We are a small subdivision of the Great Republic of Camp Pigout - home of the Rhino Lounge where great late night gypsy music and surprise guest appearances happen, in a neighborhood known as Pigout Flats, on the outskirts of Camp Pigout where the po' people live (not to be confused with Pigout Heights where the high and mighty live). But we have a great boots and a whole lotta fun! " 
Brothers Camp  Sign 
Brush Crew  Sign 
Camp 3 Muskiteers  Sign 
Camp 4 Welches  Sign 
Camp 6764 Harmony Lane "The name of our camp is "Camp 6764 Harmony Lane". The name "Harmony Lane" came about in the Fall of '05 when our group first met. Peewee and family have had a small camp since ’99, nudged to attend by parents, Pops and Sylvia of Camp Carltone. Dave finally came to see what all the excitement was about in ‘05. The Illia's, nudged to attend by Terry, also from Camp Carltone, came to check it out that same year. That first wonderful festival together, we met as neighbors on Thursday morning set-up, strangers working together, showing each other respect and "The Strawberry Way". By Friday, we were as close as brothers and sisters, instant tight ties. We've been a family ever since! Strawberry has a definite harmony to it, and it's felt very strong in our camp! The term "harmony" to us, is a feeling and a way of life at Strawberry. The address "6764" came about the following Spring when Pops and Sylvia moved from the house Peewee grew up in. Peewee reclaimed the numbers off the house that his brother made in wood shop class and we hung it over the "Camp Harmony Lane" sign, and the name has stuck ever since! We've been camping on Shady Grove Walk across from "Camp Carltone" and next to "Camp of the Easily Amused" all along, and have become close friends with all of them. We love our growing Strawberry family and look sooooo forward to spending time with everyone! We have grown in numbers over the past few years; the "harmony" seems to be contagious! Come on by for some wine tasting, carne-asada, chili or chowder next time you're walking by, under the big tarp we call, "the big blue sky".......Oh, and we encourage you to bring your instrument(s). We'll barter good food for good music!" Sign 
Camp-a-FORD-it "We are the Forde Family (Dan, Candy, Danica and Ladron). We have been coming to Fall Strawberry since 1994 and like to camp near Rock 'n the Road & Hog Ranch Rd. We were part of Camp Ketchy Naym (as in "Catchy Name") but evolved into "Camp-a-FORD-it" for two reasons: 1. Our last name is Forde. 2) Our Ford Windstar broke down in area 51 outside of Tonopah, NV on our way from Aspen, Colorado. It cost $500 to get towed to Bishop, $3,000 for a new transmission and $250 to rent a car to get us all to Stawberry while our van was being fixed. We love Stawberry so much that we would spend our last penny to get there!" Sign | Sign 2 
Camp Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone  Sign 
Camp Ajama  Sign 
Camp All Folked Up "Camp All Folked Up was established at the first Mather Festival in 1983. The locations of Camp All Folked Up are based on the nomadic traditions of Yosemite Trail Crew Culture and Instability. " 
Camp All I Need  Sign 
Camp All Be Rock Stars  Sign 
Camp All In The Family  Sign 
Camp All Y'all  Sign 
Camp Aloha  Sign 
Camp Always Get What You Want "The formation of this camp began back in the early 90s, but it was newly christened "Camp Always Get What You Want" (CAGWYW) in Fall of 2001. Most of a members CAGWYW live in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento during the other 50 weeks of the year. Our camp is located in the "Y" created where Yosemite Trails intersects with Hidden Meadow Loop." Fall 2011 Photo | Map | Sign | Spring 2008 ( Sunday after 80 other camp members bailed out due to incessant rain) | Fall 2007 Photo | Spring 2007 | Fall 2006 | Spring 2006 | Spring 2005 | Fall 2004 | Spring 2004 | Fall 2003 | Fall 2002 | Fall 2001 | Spring 2001 | 1999 Photo | Camp Website ( 
Camp Amnesia  Sign 
Camp Amore  Sign 
Camp and Be Filled  Sign 
Camp Auntiemama  Sign 
Camp Avalanche "Camp Avalanche home of the Mighty Avalanche Choir is usually located near the entrance of the lower Wild Flower RV meadow. The main feature of the camp is the white, heated, 26 foot circular tent with a large 30 candle Chandelier hanging from the middle. The Choir and many of the visiting musicians usually have a shtick of some sort to share, so we try and provide a generally respectful venue for those who want to hear and be heard. Since the full Choir itself is only usually in camp on Friday and Saturday nights, Thursday and Sunday are pretty much open to what ever happens. In any case it's a great place to hang when it rains or the temperature drops." Sign | Camp Chandelier 
Camp B Controlled  Sign 
Camp B Flat "Est. 1997 by some late-night pickers and Strawberry staffers. We're the first left on Yosemite Trails Rd, overlooking Birch Lake. Top of the hill under the big white canopy, eating, drinking, and making music into the night." Sign | Sign 2 
Camp B Denied  Sign 
Camp Babble On  Sign 
Camp Back-to-Back "At Camp Back-to-Back, we live the Strawberry way - share with our friends and family, keep the good vibes going, dig the newly discovered as well as long-looked-forward-to musicians as they play live and on Hog Ranch Radio (which plays day-round), eat and pack 'em full as much as we like, and never "bring ya down"! Ya'll come back to Back-to-Back!" Sign 
Camp Banana Corn  Sign 
Camp Bayou  Sign 
Camp Be Held Responsible  Sign 
Camp Bear It  Sign 
Camp Bear It Any Longer  Sign 
Camp Bear to Leave  Sign 
Camp Bearded Fat Guys "Est. Fall '01 at the back gate of the Coyote Woods crew camp on the stage-ward edge of Coyote Meadow. May migrate it to a shadier spot someday if we ever get motivated. Mostly populated, coincidentally, by Bearded Fat Guys (though Stan kindly insisted we weren't really *that* fat) and our tolerant and bemused Significant Others, all from the Sacramento area. Base camp of the as-yet-undiscovered band High Strung, incl. several Strawberry veterans who have the good sense to pitch their tents elsewhere. Camp photo scrapbook should be up soon at Already a notoriously dissonant pickin' camp, although said S.O.'s have been known to impose an early curfew and send us off wandering into the night. Come on by and say Hi, and maybe you can even show us how to actually play these instruments we keep lugging around because 30-40 years ago we heard they attract women ....." Sign 
Camp Bearly Next To You  Sign 
Camp Be-Fuddled  Sign 
Camp Be Kitten Around  Sign 
Camp Be Responsibl  Sign 
Camp Be Sober  Sign 
Camp Be Stealin' Me Bob Marley "For the last 14 years we have camped, un-named, at the intersection or Yosemite Trails Road and Shady Grove Walk. We started hanging our "Bob Marley" flag along with a map and "you are here" arrow for the last 5 years. Unfortunatly this last Spring '09 someone stole our land-mark flag! We will be returning this Fall with a new flag, but our eyes will stay peeled for the stolen BOB!" Photo 1 | Photo 2 
Camp Bearly Sleep  Sign 
Camp Beatem' Up  Sign 
Camp Beer  Sign 
Camp Behave Ourselves  Sign 
Camp Believe  Sign 
Camp Believe It  Sign 
Camp Believe Its Not Butter  Sign 
Camp Believe This  Sign 
Camp Bemoreawsum "Our camp was established spring 2008. we are made up of long time festival goers and many strawberry new-bees. Many of our camp member have been coming to Strawberry since we were babies and Strawberry is our life, love, and our HOME!" Sign | Group Photo 1 | Group Photo 2 
Camp Ber-Nee-Ner-Nou  Sign 
Camp Berry Buds  Sign 
Camp Berry Patch  Sign 
Camp Berry Happy  Sign 
Camp B2 __________ "Where the blank is we have a velcro strip and a variety of adjectives to put in the spot when our mood suits us. Each of our campers has their own adjective (Cool, Classy, Short, Loud) that best describes their personality. So, from day to day, it changes from "CAMP B2 RICH" to "CAMP B2 CREATIVE". We are an offshoot of CAMP AVALANCHE who first brought us to Strawberry and we are usually camping in the Wildflower Meadow area where the paths diverge on their way to Rock in the Road." 
Camp Big Train Wreck  Sign | Photo 
Camp Billhilly "Established in 2000 by bath house C reject Bill Winkler, is the vacation home of the Winkler Family of Sunland, Ca. The name came from a slip of the tongue by my dad, Bill Sr., back in '62 when he abruptly got up to change the channel and proclaimed: "We're watching a new show tonight called The Beverly Billhillies." That's a Tennesseean for you." Sign 
Camp Blue  Sign 
Camp Bob  Sign | Sign 2 
Camp Bobo  Sign 
Camp Bogendell  Sign 
Camp Book Bob Dylan  Sign 
Camp Boondock  Sign 
Camp Boundary "Camp Boundary is way out on the edge, beyond Coyote Meadow and in the woods. Off to the left, is our neighbor, Camp No Boundaries. Stop by and say Hello!" Watercolor Done at Camp Boundary 
Camp Bosomly  Sign 
Camp Bovine  Sign 
Camp Bubble  Sign 
Camp Bubble Land "Camp Bubbleland was named by people at Starwberry. I came in 2000 as a Strawberry Virgin. Due to the love of the people at Strawberry that Spring 2000 I was named the "Strawberry Bubbleguy". In Fall of 2000 I was approached by Cathy the Artist that made the sign. It was made out of kindness and love for what I bring for the kids and people at Strawberry with the bubbles. I am about 30 feet left of Camp O' Boy when crossing the meadow. Thanks everyone I Love you all!! " Sign 
Camp Buy Me Love  Sign | Sign 2 | Sign 3 | Sign 4 
Camp By Dinky  Sign 
Camp By The Seat Of Our Pants  Sign 
Camp B'wurst  Sign 
Camp Calamity "Camp Calamity was established in 1992 when one of our founding members dropped a 500 lb. nitrogen cylinder on his foot two days before Strawberry, crushing upteen bones-but did not let it stop him! Then his wife tripped over the guy wires (remember them?) on our canopy and wrecked her knee--and Camp Calamity was born. For the last ten years or so we have been located in Wildflower Meadow, straight through the trees from Bathhouse C. We have had our share of further calamities, including dropping the rear axle on our trailer in the meadow in Spring of 04. Spring '05 features a big guy with a broken leg--had to do something to live up to our Strawberry name! Several years ago we were lucky enough to talk a friend with a PR business into joining our camp, and so every year he surprises us with "custom Calamity clothing". We have our own souvenir Camp T-shirts each year, Calamity beanies, and straw hats! My, do we look awesome! Come see for yourself!" Sign | Group Photo | Spring 2007 Cup Winners 
Camp Can''t Think of a Name "We will be located near Camp Candy. In 2008 we named our camp, however we have been going since 2006. Feel free to visit us!" 
Camp Carltone "Location: behind the two-story condo near the food vendors. Established: Circa 1995" Fall 2003 Group Photo | Group Photo | Sign 
Camp Carry a Tune "Hi we camp near the basketball court next to the workshop stage. Al Alent is our founding member he works the computer ticket thingy at the gate. We are also known as "Al's Pals" but I made a banner and thought up "Camp Carry a Tune" Photo | Sign 
Camp Catch a Buzz "Camp Catch a Buzz was founded by Stephanie Heath and Tiffany Teifel but has many members. After a few trips to Strawberry we have decided that it was time to decide on a name and stick with it. You can find our camp on the walkway by the bathrooms and concession area nearest the music meadow. We are also near Camp Remember and Camp Crud. Please come by and hang out at our camp where you can definitely catch a buzz!" 
Camp Catch A Me-a  Sign 
Camp Catchy Tuna "Hi from all of us at Camp Catchy Tuna. Please add our camp name to the roster. We're located along the stream just north of the general store." Sign Sign 2 
Camp Chaching ""Camp Chaching"it is where most of the artisians camp. It has been around since Diane Gilmore has been in charge of the artisians. It got it's name because we are dealing with the cash register and it makes that sound "chaching"." 
Camp Chintz  Sign 
Camp Chocolate Dipped  Sign 
Camp Choose A Name  Sign 
Camp Consensus Trance  Sign 
Camp Content  Sign 
Camp Cocktail "You can't forget Camp Cocktail which is in front of Cabin 38 next to the mess hall. It's been there since the first Strawberry at Mather and last year we added a lighted giant Strawberry sign to guide the campers back." Sign | Sign 2 
Camp Coffee  Sign 
Camp Come Knocking... "Our group started as 5 in 2007 (one guy, 2 parents and our 18month old twin girls),all from Sacramento. We've come back to the Meadow each year and each year have grown in size, i think this year our camp will be 26. We always come home with stories of a wonderful weekend with friends, good music and tales of the Strawberry Way. We can never agree upn a camp name so this year we plan to have a sign at camp that says "Camp Come Knocking..." with room to have an ever changing ending, i.e. "After Midnight" or "And Join Us For Happy Hour". See you in the Meadow and at the Music! - Syndel @ Camp Come Knocking..." 
Camp Cook  Sign 1 | Sign 2 
Camp Cope  Sign 1 | Sign 2 
Camp Corn On Macabre  Sign 
Camp Cosmic Strawberry  Sign 
Camp Costco  Sign 
Camp Cowbell ""Because we all need a little More Cowbell" We are several families with several children, some of us have been attending Strawberry for years, some are newcomers. But we're all coming back! We are usually located at the junction across from the rocks our children love to climb on." Sign 
Camp Cowlick "Camp Cowlick is base camp for members past, present, and future of the S.F. Bay Area Alt-Country band The Cowlicks. Stop by for a jam or a listen! You may even catch a performance of the all-girl Americana band Chickwagon, who also make Camp Cowlick their home. We're right next to the Security building on Birch Lake Road. Mooooo!" Sign 
Camp Crag  Sign 
Camp Cravin' "Est. 1997. We camp on Meadow View Trail next to Coyote Meadows, near the junction where the walking path crosses the meadow. Over the years we’ve merged with Camp Desperado and some other motley bandits. Our camp travels to many music festivals up and down the west coast. We keep our all-night jams going with tequila and carrot juice health drinks and strong coffee. How Cat came up the name Camp Cravin’ is in interesting story, but not fit for publication." Sign 
Camp Crazy and Most Phabulous  Sign 
Camp Crud "At the 1st Mather Festival, a van pulled off Hog Ranch Rd. close to Bath House C. Both doors opened up and two men fell out followed by beer cans and empty liquor bottles. After a few days a little boy walked by, looked at the cans and bottles and said, "Crud"! Thus the illustrious begining of Camp Crud. The boy later came back with a sign that said, "Camp Krud", making it official. Camp Crud has lived up to its name and has become a place to eat, drink, throw your garbage on the ground and play music pretty much all week-end. As they say at Crud, "There's a stage here?" Sign | Photo 
Camp Crude "Est. 1992 A few festivals later some of us walked past Camp Crud and at first thought it was Camp Crude. We were very disappointed that another camp had the perfect name for our camp. We were delighted when we realized our mistake! We have been Camp Crude, where expulsion of bodily gases are not only accepted but appreciated, ever since. Thanks Camp Crud. We have moved around quite a bit but it seems we have finally found a home in hidden meadow." Sign 
Camp Curmud-John  Sign 
Camp Cunningham  Sign 
Camp DAA "We are camp DAA dance-aholics anonymous. We are at the far end of Coyote Meadow by a utility pole between the barbed wire fence and the meadow. We have our own 12 step program." 
Camp Dance A Lot "We are "Camp Dance A Lot". We have a group of people from Truckee and Sacramento that have been coming to Strawberry for 11 years now and we have finally settled on a name and have found time to make a camp flag. We love to dance and will usually be found dancing in the meadow or around the many after hour jams we love to frequent. We are usually camped in the area opposite of camp pig out up on the hill. A good half way point between the lake and the main stage. - Strawberry Pam" Photo 
Camp Dang  Sign 
Camp Danger  Sign 
Camp David ""Camp David" is obviously a play on words, but matches the fancy of the real thing! It all started with just a tent and a camp stove, but now includes a trailer and every kind of cooking apparatus, including a blender with marine batteries, inverters and solar chargers. It all starts a few days before the festival as "Camp David" and eventually turns into "Camp 6764 Harmony Lane" once the rest of the crew arrives. The name is proudly posted on my trailer and always gets a laugh when seen for the first time. "Camp David" and "Harmony Lane" are known for the great eats and the friendly atmosphere, so stop by say hello! We're at Shady Grove Walk under the tarp we call "The Big Blue Sky"." Photo 
Camp Dead End  Sign 
Camp Decadence "An orange and white parachute is the crown of Camp Decadence, located on Birch Lake Road near Bath House C. The camp was named in the Orwellian year of 1984. Eric West designed and painted the Camp Decadence sign, which we believe was the first large "camp" identification sign to be displayed at Strawberry. The mastermind and custodian of this "Winchester Mystery House" style camp is Rich Chamberlain. As the name implies, Camp Decadence is all about eating great food and enjoying the good things in life. The jams are legendary -- Choro, swing, bluegrass, bad 70s music. Lance Hilt, the "mayor" of Strawberry says "These are my people!" The camp motto is "Too Much Is Just Enough For Us"." Sign | Camp Photo | Camp Photo 2 
Camp Decide What to Wear  Sign 
Camp Delta Dawn "Camp Delta Dawn was established around '98, though several of us have been coming to Strawberry since the beginning. The name came about because we were often playing Neil Young tunes and other artists and songs of the 1970's. One of our camp members, Andrea, was always wanting us to play gems like "You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me Lucille", "I Am, I Said", and "Delta Dawn". People would walk by our camp repelled, yet strangely attracted. We have had large jams in the past where people came up with 70's numbers that were mostly forgotten (For reasons that became obvious). Come on by and share a song! We are located near bathhouse C on the women's side." Sign 
Camp Dew Be Kind  Sign 
Camp Digest It "Est. 2005 in wild flower meadow" Sign 
Camp Dinky  Sign 
Camp Dirty Dishes  Sign 
Camp Do a Pop O' Wheelie  Sign 
Camp Do It All  Sign 
Camp Donner Party  Sign 
Camp Don't Look Back  Sign 
Camp Double D  Sign 
Camp Doubt  Sign 
Camp Dreaming Of Strawberry  Sign 
Camp Drink No More "Located in Wildflower Meadow, Camp Drink No More is composed of sober members of AA and their families who want to enjoy the festival, have a cup of coffee, and relax together. The Camp was established to provide a welcome way for sober Strawberry-goers to make new friends by providing a place to meet each other, congregate, and take a break. Camp Drink No More will return in Spring and Fall 2006 (and thereafter). For more information about the Camp, please email Michele D. at" Sign | Sign 2 
Camp Drunk  Sign 
Camp Dungbeetle "The Dung Beatles evolved at the "back stage hospitality crew" camp on the hillside of Shady Grove/ about half way from concessions to the lake early in the festivals existance . The crew /camp gained it's name when several members were spoted at three am ..laying on their backs in the middle of the road ..waving all appendages and acting like dung beatles . Their moto is "we have our shit together". Mostly mellow folks ...few in dung beatle camp admit to being full fledged beatles. - Sarah in Paradise" Sign Sign | Sign 2 
Camp Eachywawa  Sign 
Camp Err  Sign 
Camp Easily Amused "The group of us have been coming to Strawberry since '83 and started out as "The Gang". We have finally,after all these years,settled on a final name of "The Camp Of The Easily Amused" due to the fact that we have fun and friends.We are usually camped behind Heartbreak Hotel,but moved a little west due to an added 5th wheel.We always have fun and great food.At Fall '05 we were the camp with the giant "STRAWBERRY SHIRT QUILT" made by my wife Tana with all of our shirts from years gone by.It has shirts on it that only a few of our camp have.She is now planning a new quilt that the main panel will be a tribute to our late great friend Mike "Mustache" Thompson who passed away last year shorly after fall '04. anyway come by and see us next year and get "AMUSED" not "ABUSED"!Happy Strawberry!" Sign 
Camp Eieio  Sign 
Camp Elepant  Sign 
Camp England  Sign 
Camp Entropy "Camp Entropy started out in Fall 1999 in the lumpy middle of Coyote Meadow because John, Vicky and Connie arrived at night and didn't know where the heck they were. Rescued from death by roasting by Dean and Randy at Camp Mostly Grinnin', they (along with Art, Lisa and Dave) have been Coyote Meadow faithfuls ever since. The camp was named in Fall 2000 when, at trip's beginning, Vicky's bike wheel flew off the rack and under an eighteen-wheeler. The trend continues. Camp Entropy---more than just a good idea, it's the law." Sign | Sign Photo 
Camp Fairy Fat  Sign 
Camp Fairy Fax  Sign 
Camp Fat Baby  Sign 
Camp Feel My Face  Sign 
Camp Feed the Coyotes-Keep Us Wild "Camp Feed the Coyotes-Keep Us Wild, is located along the barb wire in Coyote Meadow, a stone's throw north of the Big Boulder and the Big Black Oak. Camp Feed the Coyotes roots are with the StrawBerry Brush Crew and Yosemite Trail Crew/Tribe. The earliest camp was 1983, out of a thrashed 1966 Ford F-250 w/10' cabover. It was crude then and to the present, remains true to it's roots, a no frills Yosemite Ranchero Style, Camp Feed the Coyotes-Keep Us Wild...No Fences...No Shit." 
Camp Fibonacci "We are Camp Fibonacci, and all of us have numbers from the Fibonacci number series: Alison3, Mo13, Cornelia34, Claudia89, Deb144, Ed377, Dean987 and one more to be determined." Sign 
Camp Fiddleberry  Sign 
Camp Find A Good Man  Sign 
Camp Find a Hammock  Sign 
Camp Find A Name  Sign 
Camp Find It "Were from Reno, NV and Grass Valley, CA. So far a small camp. Two years ago getting ready for strawberry Cindy lost her phone. Upon arrival she had no wallet and one of her bags was missing. Susan lost stuff all weekend long, from flash lights to books, etc. All lost items were eventually recovered. The wallet was at home, the phone at the grocery store and bag was left on the front porch. Susan found her stuff where it shouldn't have been. But as we age we seem to have more trouble FINDING IT! Whatever "it" may be." 
Camp Find My Camp Site "I've been coming to Strawberry off and on for the last 15 years, but lately more often, (more IS better ! ) Got the camp name after a wild "Strawberry way" experience at the Spring 05 festival, Thanks ! Stop in and say hi if you see me." Sign Sign 2 
Camp Find My Dog  Sign 
Camp Find My Kids  Sign | Sign 2 
Camp Find My Pants "Camp Find My Pants has been camping on the road along Coyote meadow for a few years now. We are closely affiliated with Camp All y'All." 
Camp Find My Way Home  Sign 
Camp Find My Way Home Boys  Sign | Photo 1 | Photo 2 
Camp Find My Way Homey  Sign 
Camp Five Star  Sign 
Camp First Date  Sign 
Camp Flamingo  Sign 
Camp Flip Flop  Sign 
Camp Fly with Us  Sign 
Camp Fomo  Sign 
Camp Fool Around  Sign 
Camp Forever  Sign Sign 
Camp Forget "Camp Forget is in Wildflower Meadow. We've been attending Strawberry since 1985. We started as tent campers and tried many different locations for camping and experienced rain, snow, sleet and sunshine throughout the Spring Strawberries. Through the years we have upgraded to an RV and enjoy our spot in the meadow. We travel from Napa and meet our friends from Montana." 
Camp Forget Camp Remember  Sign 
Camp Forget Your Hat  Sign 
Camp Fork in the Road  Sign 
Camp Formerly Known As ... "THE CAMP FORMERLY KNOWN AS... (all caps, three dots, sorry we're very particular) is celebrating their ten year anniversary! The core of our group hails from the San Bernardino Mountains, most teaching outdoor education there. Come say hi and play music with Joanna Fuller, Craig Fortune, Jason Westfall, Carl Zaeske, Shilene Noe, and Patrick and Shannon MacLaughlin, as well as the regular crew of newbies. We always have instruments around, musical and otherwise, and hope to have a camp upright bass real soon. We are located on the South edge of Coyote Meadow. Look for our banner." Sign 
Camp Freedom Toast  Sign 
Camp Freak and Frolic "Fall of '01 all the teenagers from Camp Intents broke of to form Camp Intents Too. Last spring we renamed and are now called Camp Freak and Frolic. There are about a dozen or so of us, about half being fully legitimate strawberry kids working on our 20th and 30th festivals. We are located just around the corner of the tennis courts from Camp Intents. Teeneagers without a place to stay are always welcome to join us as long as they contribute food and refrain from drugs and alcohol." Sign 
Camp Fungo  Sign 
Camp Fun For All And  Sign 
Camp Fun Shway "Last year was my first time at Strawberry. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. I was going on instinct, not even knowing at the time about the Strawberry Way. I came to a spot that I thought would be a good place to camp and asked the folks there how I would get a campsite. They said, you just got one--camp with us! These were mellow folks with a very tidy, well organized camp. The next day after seeing all the camp signs I dubbed it Camp Fun Shway." 
Camp Funny Bunny  Sign 
Camp Funky Butt "We're Camp Funky Butt...all long-time friends with children around the same age. We're a camp full of babies, toddlers, music, friends, fun and the occasional Funky Butt." 
Camp Futon  Sign 
Camp Get Along "Camp Getalong - Established in 2002 (by some longtime Strawberryers and a couple of newbies), but we got our name and a sign in 2003. We're in and next to cabin #26, between the cabin and the general store. Come by for a game of solitaire ping-pong!" 
Camp Get Any Better Than This  Sign | Sign 2 
Camp Get Enough  Sign 
Camp Get Enough of You  Sign 
Camp Get Enough Whiskey  Sign 
Camp Get It Up  Sign | Sign 2 
Camp Get It Right  Sign 
Camp Get It Together  Photo 
Camp Get Next To You  Sign 
Camp Get No Satisfaction  Sign 
Camp Get The Top Off  Sign 
Camp Get There From Here  Sign 
Camp Get Uhnuff Of Yer Love  Sign 
Camp Glow Family  Sign 
Camp Go Home  Sign 
Camp Go Wrong "Our camp was formed by Spring of 2012 by my new wife and me who come in our 5th wheel from Ojai. We usually camp with my friend Chris Harter and his wife Nancy and have different guests join us from year to year - Peter Scharf " 
Camp Gone a Rye aka "Camp Find My Kids" Sign | Sign 2 
Camp Gorge Us "Common threads ... kindred spirits ...
Dance around the Meadowfest,
Weave and wind the music through us ...
Woven into one we're blest ~
So when the quilt is split to patches ...
Remember warmth we've taken there ...
In the comfort of Meadowfest ...
Music's blanket laid to rest ~
Just like the Sierra snowfall and rain provides the Central Valley with its precious water, Camp "Gorge~Us" was destined to be. This magnificent journey began in 1982 when two founding campmates accepted an invitation, by a fellow bluegrass playing friend to join him, at Leland Meadows! ... As the Strawberry Bluegrass Festival moves to Camp Mather and changes its name and continues to grow, so does this band of merry campmates. In a traditional "Strawberry Way", Camp "Gorge~Us" happily claims fun to a core of twenty steady wanderers. Wanderers, who all happily forget their day jobs, enjoying life again in this lovin~family zone!
Camp "Gorge~Us" is known to bring smiles to the faces of passers-by or at least an "Oh My". At Camp "Gorge~Us" the party rarely stops and the camp mates there are always ready to entertain or be entertained! Originally called "Camp Funky Monkey," Michee and Jimmy’s gourmet meals changed it all. When campmates couldn’t stop eating their yummy cooking, Camp "Gorge~Us" was born and so too was their new camp motto: "Eat to Drink, Drink to Live"!
Camp "Gorge~Us" is conveniently located on Hog Ranch Road, the 1st camp on your left, southward from the Strawberry concessions. It is located where the lil' meadow fence corners to Hog Ranch Road, just a stones throw from the Heartbreak Hotel. You can’t miss it with Giraffe and his Funky Monkey Tribe hangin' round jus' waitin' for you to stop by and share sum Strawberry Song & Spirits! It is said that the chief monkey, King Kumona~Wona~La'ya, has permanently given his lavender~feathered~lay to Camp "Gorge~Us" Giraffe, so you will know you’re there and not lost in the jungles of Coyote Meadow!
Camp "Gorge~Us" wants you to know that whenever you’re in the neighborhood, please stop by to unplug and be happy! And warning …you might want to bring some good tequila, because they have been known to run out!" Sign
Camp Greyfox "Camp greyfox was established in the mid-1980s by a group of regulars from Reno, Las Vegas and now Michigan. We're in Wildflower between the footbridge and the sometimes creek." Sign 
Camp Griffindor  Sign 
Camp Gypsy  Sign 
Camp Hammock It  Sign 
Camp Handle It  Sign 
Camp Happy Camp  Sign 
Camp Happy Face "Camp Happy Face started sometime in the 1990's. We are a bunch of friends and family from Calaveras County, Sacramento, Grass Valley and Lexington Mass. We are happily located off Coyote Road next the the Brush Crew. Just about all of us have now become Strawberry staff- we love that Wednesday at Camp Mather! Its one more day we get to be together. The camp was named after the "Happy Face Cafe", our Volkswagen van turned restaurant by the creative little kids who have had the good fortune of growing up at Strawberry. These kids are now teenagers and staff themselves. We LOVE Strawberry!" Sign 
Camp Happy Hour "I guess it's time to register my camp, which is now celebrating it's fifth year with an actual name. We call ourselves Camp Happy Hour, named after a certain event that takes place every day of the fest, Spring and Fall, at 4:00 p.m. We're near the second crook in the road on Sunrise Trail and our number sometimes grows to over 50, including kids. Some of us have been coming since Fall 1997 but the camp itself began in 1998 and landed its name sometime in the past five years -- because of that daily event, none of us can quite remember when." Sign 
Camp Hardly Sleep  Sign 
Camp Have 2 Many Moms "Lesbian family camp. Located near the end of Sunrise road (in "Queer Court.") We just started during the Spring 2009 festival and can't wait til fall. Contact us at if you want to know more about our camp." 
Camp Have 2 Much Fun  Sign 
Camp Hav Mahbootay "High, overlooking Birch Lake live the girls of Camp Hav Mahbootay. Inspired by the Laura Love song which tells us to celebrate our bootays by taking them shopping, buying them presents and feeding them peanut butter (and tequila) which we do all that and more at the Strawberry Music Festival." Sign 
Camp Have Too Much Fun "Camp Have to Much Fun moved into Coyote Meadows in spring 2000. At the outer border so we have a great view of the stage and it sounds even better. Great jamming and fun prevails here. It is also home to members of the band Wildsteed and some of the Black Irish band. An open camp that welcomes all to stop by for some great pickin, food, drink and of course Way Too Much Fun!" Sign | Sign 2 
Camp Hear "Camp Hear has many variations and is often camped with camp dang. Each participant has their own sign. They are all yellow and painted by Jim Urban. Some of them are Camp Dang Hear, Camp Hear too. Camp Dang Hear, Camp Hear Dang, etc. Many of us have been at Strawberry for over 25 Strawberry's. We will continue to be there so we can continue to hear dang good Strawberry music. As we have many participating families we are located through out Camp Mather. You can spot us by the bright yellow signs." Sign 
Camp Hear Too  Sign 
Camp Hehu  Sign 
Camp Here and Now "Our woodsy abode has been my place of residence twice a year now for 26 fests. I met my better half 20 fests ago--she was camping right next door (typical Strawberry karma). We're by bathhouse B along the creek. Would love to have a slew of message board regulars stop by for a perpetually flowing bloody or margie" - Robbie and Cheryl Photo | Sign 
Camp Hey Deer  Sign 
Camp Holy Toledo "Camp "Holy Toledo" originates from Reno, Nevada, but our home at Strawberry is Coyote Meadow. Our first trip to Strawberry was in 2003 and we had to come back the next year with a camp theme - so we chose our favorite team, the Oakland A's. Camp Holy Toledo pays homage to the late Bill King, former announcer for the Oakland A's Baseball team who would shout "Holy Toledo" when the A's got a homerun or made a great play. " Sign 
Camp Hope  Sign 
Camp Hot Cocoa  Sign 
Camp Hot Dog  Sign 
Camp Howdy "Camp Howdy, conveniently located in Downtown Strawberry near the corner of Rock in The Road & HogRanch Road, just behind the first cabin on the left, is a collaberation of Longtime & Shorttime Strawberry music Festival goers from the Greater Santa Cruz Metroplex...which of course we naturally extend to the finer suburbs of Camp Mather twice a year. In this lush & naturally rustic setting, you'll find an array of dazzelling urbanites picking tunes from dawn till dusk, washing them down with buckets of frosty adult malted beverages & chasing them all the way home with masterful blends of Irish Whiskey & Top Grade Tequilla. So, stop on by & pick a tune, lift a glass, burn in turn & howl at the moon with us!!!" Sign | Sign 2 
Camp Hummatoon "Named because my lovely wife was absolutly unable to hum "Stairway to Heaven" during a board game. The irony is that she can whistle like nobody's business." Sign | Sign 2 
Camp Hummingbird  Sign 
Camp Hummus Amoung Us  Sign 
Camp I Get A Break "I named my camp this after i began working for strawberry as part of gate management. I went from being a festival "goer" for several years to working 14 hour days. "Camp I get a Break" was very appropriate. " Sign 
Camp I Rock  Sign 
Camp Ichigo  Sign 
Camp it id what it id  Sign 
Camp Ida Hi Ho  Sign 
Camp Idaho "The New Camp Idaho was established in the Fall of 2002 and is located just inside the entrance to Wildflower Meadow, off Hog Ranch Road. Coming down from Idaho is the highlight of our festival season and is eagerly anticipated all year long! Please stop for some "Strawberry way" hospitality as ya pass by!" Sign 
Camp Illicaliforegonyork  Sign 
Camp Ing  Sign 
Camp Intense  Sign 
Camp Intents  Sign 
Camp In-there  Sign 
Camp IslaVue  Sign 
Camp It Useabe Never Like This  Sign 
Camp Jam Yet  Sign 
Camp Jamberry  Sign 
Camp Jambo Shalom "Howdy, My family has been camping /going to Strawberry for 20+ years and we still don’t have our camp name listed! Actually, My brother-in-law, Clint Eatmon, and my sister, JoDee, the Yoga/mountain dance lady, have been coming for 20 + years, and I, Todd Nosanow and family have been coming for 15 yrs. . Anyway, our camp name is, "Camp Jambo Shalom". Jambo is for Clints black heritage, and Shalom is for my Jewish heritage! We are across from bath house C on hog ranch road! Next to the cabin that goes as area 51 !" Sign 
Camp Jerquemate  Sign 
Camp Jerry  Sign 
Camp Jug O' Monkeys  Sign 
Camp June Love  Sign 
Camp Keep My Clothes On "Once a Strawberry virgin, those days are clearly over :) (my name was given to me by a member of Camp Pig-Out). I can be found at Hidden Meadow near Birch Lake. Thanks! May the music continue!!" 
Camp Keep Your Pants On  Sign 
Camp Keggs N' Eggs  Sign 
Camp Kiddie Winks  Sign 
Camp Knee Biters From Mars  Sign 
Camp Kunfused  Sign 
Camp Lakanuki   
Camp Lamby  Sign 
Camp Lazy  Sign 
Camp Lazyzzzzz  Sign 
Camp Left of Memphis "Camp Left of Memphis was born in 1993, 10 years after Leslie Merical (camp hostess) 1st came to Strawberry. Since 1983 we've only missed a bunch of Spring Berries, and 6 Fall berries. Marriages have come & gone, kids have grown up, parents & friends have passed on, babies have been born, new friends have been inducted into the Strawberry way of life, bands have formed & released albums & the Strawberry Festival & Camp Left of Memphis is a constant source of joy in our year. The latest incarnation of the camp includes Leslie & Jim Merical & Marty Van Loan, Melissa, Matt & Samantha Grayson, Victoria, David, Jasper & Evan Pakshong, Jeff Evans & Brenda Miller, Emy Reynolds & Piper Denney, and a long list of friends & musicians who know where to come & pick & grin & sing a good song. Over the years we've hosted & been joined by musicians New West, Pat Flynn, Kenny Edwards, Dan Wheetman, Van Dyke Parks, Phil Salazar, Alan Thornhill, Jack Joshua, The Westerlys (and Doug Blumer & Nancy Irish on their own), Marleys Ghost, Bill Flores, Brian Joseph, Brett Dennen, Dan & Mary Wilson, and too many others to name ... if you've got a great song, come by & hang around & someone's likely to invite you to deliver your finest gems for whoever's within earshot. If you know who stole the pink flamingo mascot from our camp (during the spring berry that saw snow), we hope they enjoy it & even better, hope you can convince them to return it - great sentimental value attached . . . See you in camp and at the meadow!" Sign 
Camp Let Go  Sign 
Camp Live Without It  Sign 
Camp Love All Yu'all  Sign 
Camp Lord Of The Flies  Sign 
Camp Lucky  Sign 
Camp Lucky Bungle  Sign 
Camp M & M  Sign 
Camp Mak It Outta of Camp  Sign 
Camp Maker  Sign 
Camp Mc G  Sign 
Camp Mentalberry  Sign 
Camp Metal Firecracker  Sign 
Camp Mini M & M  Sign 
Camp Moderate 211  Sign 
Camp Moosic  Sign 
Camp Moose Hollow  Sign 
Camp Move "We are a movin n groovin group of strawberry raised children who were brought to Strawberry as berry babies, all under the age of 8 for the first time (Fall '83 was our first). We are now goin on our 22nd or so year at Camp Mather (aka: home)and are proud of our parents at Camp Howdy for raisin us as True strawberrians. Its taken us years to come up with a camp name_ of our own, but here we are as adults and we finally have it. CAMP MOVE This name came about over a pre-strawberry chat. Its been decided that our camps two best qualities at the festival are A) loungin at the camp where we 'camp move' and B) always on the move so if ya stop by and we're not at camp, then we are on the move. So, catch us if you can......see ya at Berry !" 
Camp Mostly Grinnin  Sign 
Camp Mr. Ribbit  Sign 
Camp Nagawhiner  Sign 
Camp Naked "Camp Naked had its start in Spring of '87. The following year we found our home by accident, when we had a small baby with us and rented a cabin. We began meeting neighboring campers, one of whom was associated with Naked Juice (a fresh juice company from San Diego) and who later started a band called Naked Earth. The baby who justified renting that cabin is now 14, and Camp Naked has grown into a large extended family that gathers at our home on the small meadow twice a year to celebrate music and friendship." Sign 
Camp Naked Babies  Sign | Photo 
Camp Nana Banana  Sign 
Camp Negligence  Sign 
Camp Nelly  Sign 
Camp Neosporin  Sign | Sign 2 
Camp No Ka Oi "Historical records are incomplete but many believe that the Camp No Ka Oi ("No Better Place" in Hawaiian) dates from the mid-1800's. It was only natural that upon the discovery of the Strawberry Music Festival, a No Ka Oi outpost was established near the banks of Birch Lake along Yosemite Trails Road, around the corner from the fur trading post of Camp Decadence. The generations of No Ka Oi campers have adhered to the core beliefs of "More is Better" and "Ya Gotta Sin To Be Saved", as well as "It's not about looking good, and it's certainly not about smelling good. It's about feeling good." Sign 
Camp North Morro Bay Crown Road  Sign 
Camp Not A Walk Thru  Sign 
Camp NTSW  Sign 
Camp Obey Bob  Sign | Sign2 
Camp O'Boy "Camp O'Boy founding members Mark Pistrang and Pete Weigel first came to Strawberry in Fall of 1984. It took a few years, but we finally settled along Meadow View Trail near it's junction with the walking path that crosses Coyote Meadow. The name O'Boy might remind some of Tim O'Brien's band, but actually is just Pete's favorite name for those small blue houses that always seem to be near... We officially named our camp in the early 90's." Sign 
Camp O'Brien Creek  Sign 
Camp O'Girl "Camp O'Girl was officially established in 1999, but the mainstay, Chris MacNeil, has been coming to Strawberry since the beginning of time, or 1983. In about 1997, the Camp O'Girl crowd met the Camp O'Boy folks, and the two began a consolidation process, and they have settled along Meadow View Trail near it's junction with the walking path that crosses Coyote Meadow. As in most relationships, each camp wanted to have their own identity. So, Avery, the 4-year-old and youngest member of camp at the time, dubbed us Camp O'Girl. We got an official banner and have been one big happy family ever since! Keep the music coming!" Sign 
Camp Of No Cares "The name of our camp comes from one of Great Big Sea's latest CDs, "Sea of No Cares". Since we are all real or honorary Maritime Canadians, this camp reflects our love of the sea and all of its creatures and our tremendously positive feelings towards the whole Strawberry Experience. We hope to make this a regular camp. At this point I have no idea where we'll end up, but once you see our sign there will be no mistaking us for anyone else!" 
Camp Of Strawberry Red Coats  Sign | Sign 2 
Camp of the Easily Amused "We have been coming every Fall since 1983. Our group has grown, shrunk and added new folks over the years. The key to our Camp is people all are easily amused and fully embrace "The Strawberry Way". We are always camped by the rock and the amphitheater. Come visit!" 
Camp Ojikram "Our camp's founder, Mark, was called Markie Joe by his family when he was little. Ojikram is on his license plate, which is MarkiJo backwards. We have been coming here since 1983 and finally made a banner several years ago." Sign 
Camp Onomatopoeia  Sign 
Camp On and On and On ...  Sign 
Camp Oomagallagalla  Sign 
Camp Oops I Sharted  Sign 
Camp Over The Rainbow  Sign 
Camp Over There  Sign 
Camp Pain d'Harmonium "Found only in Fall, our camp is part "Pandemonium" and part "Bread of Harmony" ("pain" is French for "bread" - one of our members is a French teacher). Maybe we'll call it "Pun d"harmonium". Next year we may actually bring along the Harmonium (Indian keyboard instrument). Our camp represents the joining of members (Ellen and Sofia) of the old SPN camp and "old-timers" Rick and Linda from, well, Camp Stove?? Thanks to enthusiastic recruitment, we have some new regulars from Berkeley & Oakland (Dave, Amy, Brett, Kate). Most of us have sung together semi-professionally at one time or another, and we all enjoy a healthy irreverence for most things (excepting the Strawberry Way, of course), and enjoy bad puns and good laughs. If you like to sing - traditional, folk, harmony, standards, spirituals, madrigals, Beatles... bring your whatever and please come and visit! You can sing like Edith Bunker, if you want. We also maintain a wacky almost-9-year-old girl at camp who would love a buddy (source of much pandemonium). We are located somewhere near the Big Rock between Twin Giants Road and Hidden Meadow Loop - away from downtown and closer to the lake. Always within shoutin range of Camp Pig-Out (thank goodness). You may have heard it said: "A shot of good tequila makes me a better mother." (Mojitos ain't bad either) " Sign 
Camp Pain in the Trash  Sign 
Camp Pain Head Quarters  Sign 
Camp Pajama Pants  Sign 
Camp Paradise "The denizens of Camp Paradise think Strawberry is as close to heaven as we get here on earth. We also like the name because we all live within walking distance to Paradise Beach on the banks of the American River in Sacramento. We are located at the entrance to the RV meadow - look for the old Silver trailer." Sign 
Camp Party Enough  Sign 
Camp Pathetic Honey 2  Sign 
Camp Perfect Lemon "Lemons for cars and lemons for people and an incredible ball of tangled string make this Tarpulin City quite a site. Famous for the Horse's Neck cocktail,,, if you need a lemon,, chances are we've got it. We camp underneath trees." Sign 
Camp Pesto  Sign 
Camp Pick a Name  Sign | Sign 2 
Camp Picture That "We've been camping in the same general vicinity since 1989 and have two of the photography crew in our midst, hence the name." Sign 
Camp Pierce  Sign 
Camp Pigout & the Rhino Lounge "Camp Pig-OUT is located on the corner of Hidden Meadow Loop and Twin Giants. Pig-OUT was named in 90', but actually started in 89' when Wesley Robertson(KVMR) invited Chip Meshew(Texas Red/KCSS) and Chip showed up with a great cook, Vohn Smith. Mark Staneart(the California Okie)was invited over for some tasty gourmet meals and as they say, the rest is history!! A couple years later the Rhino Lounge was added(thanks DOC) and the infrastructure was in place. Since then we have grown in size and have added our own festival features. In the Spring at midnight on Thursdays, the Rhino Lounge host a Cabaret that features a vaudevillian style night of fun, music, juggling, and whatever magic that you bring to share(please come to watch or preferably to join in)!! In the Fall Camp Pig-OUT host a Chili-Cook Off on Sunday afternoons. Tasting is during the dinner break(Strawberry time), and Pig-OUT usually arranges music to be featured during the last couple hours of cooking(this is Strawberry afterall)!! Pig-OUT encourages entries from other Strawberrians in either the meat or veggie categories but be for-warned, its no small task de-throning our in camp "Champs"!! Cooks should check in with Pig-OUT at the beginning of the festival for more details. Other than that, just remember, "this is not a quiet place" " Camp Pigout Sign | Camp Pigout Sign 2 | Rhino Lounge Sign | Rhino Lounge Sign 2 
Camp Pigtail "We have been coming to the Fall Strawberry since 1998 (except 2002,the missus just gave birth to our first baby). We shall be staying by the bigrock close to the cafeteria and Bathroom B." Sign 
Camp Pilgrim  Sign 
Camp Pixie  Sign 
Camp Planet Woo Hoo  Sign 
Camp Pleasant View  Sign 
Camp Please 'Em All  Sign 
Camp Plug It In  Sign 
Camp Porkypine  Sign 
Camp Pull My Awesome Finger and Walk Away  Sign 
Camp Put a Name on It I think we are now known as "CAMP PUT A NAME IT". We could never quite decide on a name, so we bring a Dry Erase Board and change our camp name(s) as inspiration hits. Last festival we were "Camp Ya Hear Me Now?" We've been "Camp Get Over It," "Camp Cadaver", "Camp Pun-Time," "Camp Wine Commonsewers," get the idea. However, we have camped downhill from Camp Dung Beetle for over 16 years, so we are unofficially known as "Lower Dung." 
Camp Put A Sock In It  Sign 
Camp Quarantine  Sign 
Camp Quick, Pull my Finger Est.1994 in Wildflower Meadow Sign 
Camp Quick Knock That Back "Our camp was established Fall of 1992 one dark and lonely night after wandering in from Evergreen Road in to find a well packed Strawberry. Being of lazy mind and lazier body we fell asleep behind the store. When we awoke the next morning to the sound of bags of ice being slung through the morning sky we knew we had found our home. A good place for cold beer! So here we rest when we arrive at Strawberry, each Spring and Fall our loyal spotter "Which" (the blond one)reserves our site and chills the brew. The rest of the crowd rolls in in time to hear: "Quick Knock that Back" time to go to the meadow, to the lake, to Amys, to the dinning hall, or back to camp for dinner - Peace, and music, Scribbler" Camp Photo | Sign | Sign 2 
Camp Raising Kane  Sign 
Camp Rancho Relaxo  Sign Sign 2 
Camp Rapture  Sign 
Camp Reach My Beer  Sign 
Camp Recordalot  Sign 
Camp RGB (Redheaded Girls with Beer)  Sign 
Camp Remember  Sign | Sign 2 
Camp Remember But We Were There  Sign 
Camp Remember *?%!  Sign 
Camp Rendez-Drew  Sign 
Camp Resist  Sign 
Camp Rif Rafe  Sign 
Camp Rize and Shine  Sign 
Camp Rollover  Sign 
Camp Rough It Anymore  Sign 
Camp Rowdy  Sign 
Camp Runamuca  Sign 
Camp Sanity Cruzer  Sign 
Camp Say We Didn't Warn You  Sign 
Camp Scandia  Sign 
Camp See Straight "Located at what we call the four corners (the first intersection in which you can go to the lake, the meadow, the lodge or pig out), our camp would like to announce ourselves as Camp See Straight. You will notice our giant three room tent with a blue tent behind it. Established in 2010, we welcome one and all. You will find us usually lounging in our chairs and sipping cocktails. Ask directions, stop and chat or enjoy a beverage. See you soon!!!" 
Camp See the Big Rock  Sign 
Camp Serendipity "Est. Fall '01. Usually located in Wildflower Meadow as close to the stage as we can get. We'd tell you what it means, but we'd rather you go look it up in the dictionary. This fall we were Slim Trim Kim and The Diva, Strawberryheads since '99; the Serendipitist, aka Ray of Sunshine, and Kelli the Strawberry Virgin. We plan on bringing in many more virgins next year." Sign 
Camp Shiloh  Sign 
Camp Shmamp  Sign 
Camp Shot-ski "Camp shot-ski is comprised of a group of friends from the Sonora area who all mostly met while working at Dodge Ridge Ski area. Many of the members of camp shot-ski have also worked at or visited the mountain's local bar, where a shot-ski hangs on the wall for anyone brave enough to partake in an adventurous drink... or 'run'. One of the founding members got his hands of some old skis and made shot-skis we could all travel with, and one cold spring Strawberry evening in 2006 we found ourselves taking 'run' after 'run', and the name was born." Sign 
Camp Shooting Star  Sign 
Camp Sight "Camp Sight has been continuously occupied since the '83 festival. After wandering around the grounds "the sight" was established at the end of Bear Walk Road behind the Dining hall in 1988. Our occupancy ranges from a low of 2 at the Fall '07 festival to our high water mark of 23 at Spring '99. Our first generation of children recently married, and we have a 2nd crop that's just entering their teens. Herradura Reposado tequila is the drink of choice. Stop on by for a shake and a howdy anytime." Sign 
Camp Sit Up Straight  Sign 
Camp Ski  Sign 
Camp Skivvy  Sign 
Camp Slant  Sign 
Camp Sleep  Sign 
Camp Slouu Down  Sign 
Camp Slug  Sign 
Camp Smart Ass "We've been coming since 1983. We started out on Sunrise Trail (single to babies) and have now been in Cabin 96 down by the lake for many years. You may have seen the "Happy Birthday Bubbles" sign our crew made for me this year." Camp Photo 
Camp Smiley "We folks from Modesto, CA are CAMP SMILEY directly behind bath house B. Been there since '98. - Love, Peace & Chicken Grease, Jason Babb" 
Camp Sofa King "Camp Sofa King first flew its Official Flag at Spring 2005 Strawberry, our unofficial camp leader is BC Bixler, and our camp ends up wherever we land. Usually near the porta potties. " Sign 
Camp Somewhere Else  Sign | Sign 2 
Camp Spam  Spam Flag | Sign | Spam Fan | Sign 2 | Sign 3 | Sign 4 
Camp Space Hoggs  Sign 
Camp Speedo  Sign 
Camp Stand My Drunk Friends "We're located over off of Sunrise Trail Road. The camp has progressivly gotten worse for the past four years. We have cool shirts, cold beer, cheap whisky, and voices that travel. See you soon. Paul" 
Camp Stand the Smell  Sign 
Camp Stand Up No More "Our Campsite was established in the early 90's. With it's excellent location behind Heartbreak Hotel (and, conveniently, the Med tent) we have always been able to offer weary, lost, dazed, confused (or musically inclined) travelers a place to rest, play music, store instruments etc. Come see us sometime. If we are not home, we are probably at your camp so make yourself comfortable. (or leave a note in the mailbox to let us know you stopped by...)" Sign 
Camp Stand Ya "The Chapman and Moore family has established Strawberry's newest camp, "Camp Stand Ya". We are located within Coyote Meadows, look for the flag pole on the Coachman Trailer. Camp Stand Ya comes from one of our favorite Seinfeld episodes where George Costanza's high School coach kept calling him "Can't stand ya"." Sign 
Camp Stay Afloat  Sign 
Camp Stay Out of Trouble  Sign | Fall 2006 Photo 
Camp Stay Put  Sign 
Camp Steer Robber Reap High  Sign 
Camp Stop "I had the good luck to be adopted, all the way from Southwest Oregon, by some fine Strawberrians. When first I entered their camp, it was known as "Notalotazeees." Time took its toll on the Z-sign which was ceremoniously buried on site after goodbyes were held and rose again in the spring and fall. Although "Notala" is lost to the ages, our camp re-emerged this Fall as STOP! The new sign bears a suspicious resemblance to the commanding octagons encountered on our public roads, but I must be imagining things... Come see for yourself; we are near the Sunrise trailhead." Sign 
Camp Stop Singin  Sign 
Camp Stop Grinnin' "Hello! My friends, Sharon and Les Eisner and I have been coming to the Strawberry Festival off and on since 1988(i think). Now we have kiddos in tow and bring parents and assorted friends at least once a year. We generally move around the camp every time, kind of finding whatever we can find...." Sign 
Camp Stop Jamming "Camp Stop Jamming is where the Jamming 101 folks dwell, and where the after-hours jam for the Jamming 101 Workshops happens. Sid Lewis, who leads the beginners jam every morning at Birch Lake, welcomes all to come on and experience the dark underbelly of Jamming 101, the only requirement is bringing an instrument and tequila. Usually located near the horse coral amidst the dung, we try to stay dung-in-cheek about it…for more info visit" Jamming 101 | Sign 
Camp Stop Lovin' You "Officially "Bannered" in 2005, has actually been around for awhile- only we didn't know what our name was... Since I've been to Strawberry with 2 (now ex-) wives, one (present) girlfriend and several kids over 15 years, the name was a no-brainer (sorta like the now-defunct marriages). The kids are growing 'n grown, but there's always small ones and friends and friends of kids and other mind-altering experiences to be had..." 
Camp Stop Now  Sign 
Camp Stop the Music  Sign | Sign 2 
Camp Stop Wont Stop  Sign 
Camp Stove "Camp Stove was established in Fall 2001 to give our giggle-ins island its own identity, adrift as we are between Camp Pig-Out and the Dog Pound. New friends and old are treated to a running dialogue between Captain Kirk and Ethel Merman between folky jams and homage to the almighty stove." Sign 
Camp Strawberry Face  Sign 
Camp Strawberry Festival 2006  Sign 
Camp Strawberry Moon "Camp Strawberry Moon came to be one moonlit night while we listened to music in the Meadow, and while a half moon hung out over the opening in the trees just left of stage. It was an unforgettable moment, a vision that spawned the name of our camp, as well as a song. We were Strawberry Virgins way back then, when we first ventured out to Mather and established our camp…way back in the spring of 2002. Our camp is just over by Shady Grove Walk near Yosemite Trails Road. Ah yes, fond memories now, and we just can’t wait to get back to that special place in our heart. Come by, say hello, sit for a spell. Bring some music if you’d like, or not. Warm wishes from Camp Strawberry Moon." Sign 
Camp Strawberry Red's "We established a camp this past Spring, The Strawberry Red's. Janice and I are redheads, hence the name. We are right at rock in the road on the corner." Sign 
Camp Strawberry Rocks  Sign 
Camp Strawbrewery "Established in the Spring of 2003 by Tim Heryford and Alec Vanderwoude, two avid hombrewers, Camp Strawbrewery is located along the Meadow View Trail near it's junction with the walking path that crosses Coyote Meadow, close to the fine folks of Camp O' Girl and O'Boy. Inspired by the fresh pine air and kind music, hopheads can gather to share and try homebrew responsibly, letting the lupalins work their magic before heading to the meadow to treat their souls and groove with family and friends. Cheers." 
Camp Streak a Lot  Sign 
Camp Strum a Lot  Sign 
Camp Stupid "Also known as Camp Stoopid, Kamp Stoopd, etc. until the creation of our present flag by the mysterious Badger-woman who, legend tells us, created the flag using only a pillowcase, jambalaya, and meat-paste. Concerned for providing the most for those with the least, our goal (such as we understand it) is to remain deeply stupid for the next eight years,to offer safe harbor to others like ourselves, and remain untroubled by the storms of intelligence.
T here isn't much more we can say
E ach year that passes - upidstay!
C an those who follow do much worse?
A nd spell out beer-brands with each verse?
T ough years may pass, our camp remains
E ach one a dolt, with shit for brains" Sign
Camp Sun Shign  Sign 
Camp Sundances  Sign 
Camp Sunny Rise "Camp Sunny Rise was established in about 1992 - we are located on the Sunrise Trail amongst a batch of redwoods which allow us to fly some 800 sq feet of tarp cover - folks from Monterey Bay, Oakland, sometimes Colorado and even MAINE have been known to make it their home - We are close to Bathhouse B, (the BEST bathhouse) - also close the Breakfast Club where the Sunny Rise Boys often perform." Sign 
Camp Swampie (home of the swamp monster) "We are the Frenette Family (Robin, Dan, and Alex). We usually camp in Coyotee Meadow near the big rock and the walking path if it's not underwater. We're still working on a sign." 
Camp Sweet Camp "We are the Bacho's, Lucie, Lukas, Leslie and Henrik and this is our favorite camping/music/playing/living experience. We usually bring a bunch of friends along and camp near the rocks close to the Yosemite Trails Road/Coyote Trail/Meadow View Trail intersection. Been coming every year since 2005." Sign 
Camp Sweet Strawberry  Sign 
Camp Swizzle Sticks  Camp Photo 1, Camp Photo 2 
Camp Take It With You "Just wanted to throw a fast blurb in about Camp Take it With You... It actually started 15 years ago when a group of hot and dusty and tired motorcyclists on their annual run over Memorial Day stopped by the big tree there as a "rest stop" and it became kind of our unofficial stomping grounds over the next decade... Our original group went seperate ways(sadly), but when my partner and I returned to Strawberry last fall, we re-discovered the "mother tree" (a huge "lightning" oak, now roped off) and a group of wonderful people and decided to call it our "home away from home"... Camp take it with you is to the right of the store up the dirt road, over the bridge and just before the sunrise bluffs, across from the owls roost behind the " decrepit cabin" there. The "mother tree" is the large oak that is roped off behind the cabin, just down the slope from the road. Occasionally, one hears the soft wafting of accordians nearby, and music in the distance... restoring our "strawberry sanity" for the rest of the year..." 
Camp Tawodi "Miz Linda began attending Strawberry in 1984, no "sign" for Camp Tawodi (named after the orange 1970 240Z I drove for 15 years) just my whip & Indian peace pipe bag hanging on a tree. Come on by & set a spell, pick a little, Grin some more! Located at the top of Black Oak Hill, just above Stan's American Bar (no grill), south of bath house C." Sign 
Camp Tin Crunch  Sign 
Camp Teach An Old Dog New Tricks "We have always loved music, especially folk and have determined to learn how to play something, no matter how badly. We are adults with no musical talent, but we love being at Strawberry and want our son to grow up in the Strawberry community." 
Camp Ton Crunch  Sign 
Camp Top This  Sign 
Camp Touch This  Sign | Sign 
Camp Think  Sign 
Camp Think of a Name  Photo | Sign | Sign 2 | Sign 3 
Camp Tulip  Sign 
Camp Twirlers  Sign 
Camp Twister Camp  Sign 
Camp Virginia  Sign 
Camp Vista Del Lago y Banjo  Sign 
Camp Wait for Stawberry  Sign 
Camp Wait To See You "Camp Wait To See You started in 1987 over by the big rocks near Yosemite Trails and Shady Grove, and we've been coming Spring and Fall ever since. We camped right behind the Security horse paddock for years, but recently we migrated across Coyote Meadow to the area between Meadow View and Yosemite Trails. Kid friendly, generally with an unusually large population of bass players if you're ever looking for one. We like jazz, gypsy jazz, bluegrass, and anything in between or around the edges. All musicians of good will welcome!" 
Camp Walk About  Sign 
Camp Walk Straight  Sign 
Camp Walnut Road  Sign 
Camp Wanna Cheeto  Sign 
Camp Wanna Jamalot  Sign 
Camp Wanna Nickle  Sign 
Camp Wannawaffle  Sign | Sign 2 
Camp We All Find Our Way  Sign 
Camp We All Get Along  Sign 
Camp We All Just Get Along  Sign 
Camp We Be Friends  Sign | Sign 2 
Camp We Live Here  Sign 
Camp Wee B Gone  Sign 
Camp What?  Sign 
Camp What What  Sign 
Camp Whatever  Sign 
Camp Whine No Mo  Sign 
Camp Whats the Mather with You  Sign 
Camp Whysteria (the W is silent) "Est 1995. We got together and decided that if we made it warm and homey - they would come... and come they have... Camp Whysteria - located on rock-in-the-road just down the hill from Bathhouse C and up the road from Birch Lake - has become a gathering spot for many musicians meadering by. We had three virtuoso jams Fall 2001 after the Main Stage closed down and they lasted til the wee hours. Masterful music, magic and mayhem was enjoyed by all who came by. Come by and enjoy the tunes or just come by for a visit and set a spell." Sign | Fall 2001 Jam 
Camp Wine-A-Lot "We started coming to Strawberry in 1989. We called ourselves "New Taste" because Joe found a roll of stickers at the dump that said "New Taste" and we put them all over our chairs. Over the years we've had marriages, moves, kids, divorces and lots of new friends (And our stickers finally ran out). Our latest version that includes some of the originals, some new, some born and some who will never camp with us again is Camp Wine-A-Lot. We like this name because the only kind of "wining" at Strawberry comes from crushed grapes. And we love a good Chardonnay! We are located at "F" on the map...hopefully! Sisters in Crime Together Again! Camp Wine-A-Lot" Sign 
Camp Xanadu "I first attended Strawberry in 2007 as a guest of Camp Hummus Among Us. I immediately fell in love with Strawberry and its amazing healing effects on ones mind and spirit. Decided I wanted to be more involved and began volunteering, and brought my new hubby along for the ride! Fall Strawberry 2010 was actually our honeymoon! :) We have been attending and volunteering in some capacity ever since! Our camp is usually located directly across from bathhouse B. This year we decided to branch off and create our own camp name and banner, hence Camp Xanadu was born! Xanadu meaning, "a vision in a dream" or "to convey an impression of a place, as almost, unattainably luxurious or beautiful" - and what better way to describe Strawberry! Our camp consists of the Morgan Family- Justin, Nicole, Gabe, Gideon, Saphira, and Roman. When not at Strawberry we reside in Visalia, Ca in Tulare County." Sign 
Camp With Us " Est. many moons ago,come by and always have a good time...includes a master fiddle player, an expert percussionist (auntie antelope), and a wannabe banjo player. Normally located just beyond Murry Grove near the Wildflower Meadow. ::~ May the force be with you~::" Sign 
Camp Ya Hear Me Callin' "We have been attending the festival since sometime during the '70's and have truly enjoyed the experience. We love Strawberry and wanted a camp sign that reflects how it calls to us each year. It seemed only fitting, as we are big bluegrass fans, that we should name our camp after the famous Bill Monroe tune, which asks the question to which we all respond with a resounding "YES"!" Sign 
Camp Yosemite  Sign 
Camp Zappa "Dedicated to the late, great genious Frank Zappa, Camp Zappa was established by long- time Strawberrians Pat Walsh and Jeff Taylor. Pat and Jeff have been attending the festival for 14 years as of 2008. Feel free to stop by and talk music, grab a bite, a buzz talk anything Zappa or just enjoy some good conversation. Camp is highlighted by solar powered tikis and an awesome Camp Zappa banner. Zappa fans are encouraged to stop by and either recite or sing your favorite FZ stuff in front of the banner. We'll provide the digital video. Camp Zappa is located across the road from Birch Lake. We are on the main drag as you head into the festival. Looking for us in the a.m.? Just follow the smell of our famous bacon." Sign 
Campalot Dead Ahead "Campalot Dead Ahead-a Sattelite camp of Campelot and Bodie Beer Bonanza, inhabited by the Huey-MacPherson clan, four generations of Strawberrians! It's near Rock inthe Road, across from the Wildflower Meadow road and is the entrance to Campelot. Welcome!" Sign 
Campe deim  Sign 
Campelot "Campelot-This camp was established by Cactus Bob and Prairie Flower and their Columbia pals in 1990. Camp name was inspired by our banner artist, Chris Jepson. At Campelot we party, feast and jam constantly, the only thing we don't do alot is sleep." Sign 
Campin Jack Sparrow  Sign 
Camping with the Stars  Sign 
Campo de los Velcro "We call ourselves "Velcros" because we STICK together. We had this name before we even attended Strawberry. Many of us only see each other once a year (at Strawberry) but, we have always stuck together no matter what!! Through many hardships and crazy things.........Most of us have been attending the festival for, at least, a good 10 years--some people more and some less. Some of our group comes from as far away as Tasmania, Queensland, Minnesota, Vermont and New Jersey!! We have always camped up from the intersection where Yosemite Trails Road and Meadow View Trail merge--at the top of that little loop, on the Camp Mather boundary and by the fireroad. It is nice and quiet and most other camps have been in that area for a while, also." Sign | Photo 
Campsite Occupied  Sign 
Campsite Of Zimi & Friends  Sign 
Captain Mo  Sign 
Camptastic  Sign 
Chick Wagon  Sign | Sign 2 
Chickwagon Junction  Sign 
Chicks n Licks  Sign 
Chomptown  Sign 
Claimjumpers Camp "We started coming to Strawberry in 86.Most of the people around our camp grew up in Pacifica and now live around the Bay." Sign 
Clamper Xing  Sign 
Club Med  Sign 
Cougar Melon Camp  Sign 
Coyote Corner "Coyote Corner is found along the barbed wire before the forest in Coyote Meadow. We're bounded by the road, the barbed wire fence, and an inner loop road. Coyote Corner has actually been in that location since about 2007. Look for a pop-up camper as the one with a very tall flag pole next to the boundary post with a sign that reads 'Festival Mode' (See linked photo). We have tapestries all over our camp site right at the park entrance. Several of us are volunteers. We play guitar, ukelele, flute, and percussion amongst the campers in our area and have a leave-no-trace policy." Sign 
Damp Camp "Our lovely camp always ends up being a muddy, mucky mess. We wouldn't have it any other way!" Sign 
Dang Camp Here  Sign 
Den of Vipers  Sign 
Don''t Fence Me In  Sign 
Don''t Look Back Camp  Sign 
Dr Horbath's Wilderness Therapy Camp  Sign 
Dragondreams "Dragondreams Camp folk are mostly from Boulder Creek, California, although several semi-permanent members come from as far way as Canada and Australia. We started attending Strawberry in the spring of 1990, however we did not ‘find our spot’ until 1993. Our camp is the home of ‘that blond Betsy on the bike, who sings so sweetly’. She began as a Strawberry kid, age 6 ½ years, and has celebrated her 18th birthday in January 2002. Phillip Hudson, a Welsh singer-songwriter living in Boulder Creek, also calls Dragondreams home at Strawberry. He has been known to make beautiful music and sing his sometimes-satirical, always-lyrical songs in camp and at the Breakfast hall. We are located ‘downtown’ on Hog Ranch road, in front of the Graceland building and just across from main bathhouse at the Music meadow." Sign 
Dulls Ville  Sign 
El Campo Casita  Sign 
El Campo Loco "There’s Nick the Greekguy handsome kid at Spiro’s Gyros in the food court. Our daughters were his hometown partners, and they worked the Strawberry Festival with him while in high school/college. They’d come back and say the fest music was the same as what’s played at home. They gave us tickets for Christmas at the end of the 90s. At first, it was just fathers-and-daughters each year – neighbor Tom, me and Uncle Doug with our daughters. It soon opened up to an annual gathering of folks from Sebastopol, Cool, UCSC and GGNRA. We’re mostly in a camp uphill from Camp Pigout (where Travers and Callie are from), but sometimes we camp elsewheres (if the count is low)." Sign | Photo from Fall 2006 
Elephant God  Sign 
Fat Boy  Sign 
Fat Boy II  Sign 
Fat Cats of Strawberry  Sign 
Fat Skeleton  Sign 1 | Sign 2 
Festival Mode "Our camp name is Festival Mode. Whenever we are at a festival we live in a different time space of Festival Mode (unfortunately this also derives from the fact that in festival mode we are busting our butts to go places like the lake, the music, the camp.....the lake...the camp the lake the music the camp the lake the trails......festival mode. ) Have a good one. ----Brian, Bear, Willow and River" Sign 
Festival Preview Camp "Festival Preview Camp is the evolution of the family Ruby-Rehm Camp, which first set up at the far end of Twin Giants Road in 1992 and returned pretty faithfully through the 90s. Since Dan Ruby started Festival Preview ( in 2005 and has been writing extensively about Strawberry, his camp has flown under a Festival Preview banner in several different camp locations. Wherever you happen to see the banner in the future, feel free to stop in for a visit and to pick up a copy of FP's latest tipsheet on the festival and the artists." 
FiddleCat  Sign 
Fiddlestix  Sign 
Flying Monkey Camp  Sign 
Foggy Mountain Jam  Sign 
Frassetto Hyer Camp  Sign 
Friend  Sign 
Glamp-O-Rama "Glamp-O-Rama is a swanky kooky camp that is dedicated to "Glamorous Camping or Glamping it's Camping without suffering : ) We are a fun bunch of folks from the bay area that are part of the West Coast Glamping Community that gather together a few times a year and set-up luxurious tents, restored vintage trailers, classic camper vans, and other fun recreational vehicles and glamorously camp in select remote places all over the Western United States. We are excited to be at Strawberry and will be located in the Revival Stage ‘K’ Region on the map. Please stop by for a luscious frosty beverage and say hello." Sign | Photo 
Golf Cart Xing  Sign 
Googley Moogley  Sign 
Got Nap  Sign 
Groovers Paradise "Established at the first spring festival, 1986, by three Strawberry stalwarts - Lefty, Obiwan, and Ozone Ranger. We had a bunch of kids and friends, all Strawbery virgins, and we found a stone solid groove which we never lost inside the realm of Camp Mather. Often populated by true music lovers from Bend, Oregon, who also caught this groove. Sometimes called Camp Yeltsin by Dallas Dobro, due to the ever-present bottle of Stoli vodka. Home of the ubiquitous Moondog, a true wild rover fond of wearing Hawaiian shirts, ungodly shorts and an empty six-pack holder as a hat. The flag of Harp Hall will always be found unfurled above the Paradise, but alas, the school bus runs no more, dying a mournful death outside Groveland (or is that Grooverland) after Fall 2003. Groover's Paradise has seen weddings, engagements, conceptions, and a whole lot of noise beneath its blue and gray tarps. Not a quiet camp, as all can attest. One of those kids from '86 just had herself a kid, and the groove goes on......" Sign | Sign 
Hanky Panky  Sign 
Harmony Grits  Sign 
Harp Hall  Sign 
Heartbreak Hotel  Photo 
Hawk's Nest  Sign 
HAI Camp "HAI Camp est spring 2003 - created by Bob Cronbach in his desire to spread the word about Strawberry and get more of us there. We started with 9 of us and plan to grow!" Group Photo 
Heathen Hill "just a few factiods about "heathen hill" est. 1983 first official reconized name 1985. oiriginal cast: beckerhead, obe, pink, tequila ted&miss debbie, rei folk, and the guy with no name. average # of campers today apx. 25 record # (19 99 fall ) 42. best things; choice tequila, meal mobs, suzette's cakes, laughter meter always red-lined, and my pesonel favorite: sunday bloody sunday." Sign | Fall 2007 Photo | Fall 2006 Photo 
High N' Outside "Located in the lowlands on the west side of Shadowy Grove Walk this camp always contains a suspicious contingent from Portland OR as well as the local Chef from Auburn CA. Established in 1996 by fate and the quest for the perfect location between the meadow and the lake it is a combination of people who never would have met but for Strawberry, now isn't that the way it should be!" Sign 
Hippie Hogwash "Established Fall 2004 next to the "Strawberry Patch" camp, and composed of the "weeds" that grew from the Strawberry Patch garden. All now travel from Portland to get to Strawberry and have been coming varying amounts of years." 
Horner  Sign 
Hog Cyn Rd  Sign 
Home Sweet Home  Sign 
Hot Buttered Rum Camp  Sign 
Howdy  Sign 
Hug Deli  Sign 
I Camp Remember  Sign 
I'm Beautiful Inside  Sign 
Indian Goddess  Sign 
It's Camplicated  Sign 
Jammin Fools Pl  Sign 
Jefferson Camp  Sign 
Jig Zone  Sign 
Just Fiddles  Sign 
Just Married  Sign 
Kamp Find My Way Home  Sign 
Kamp Git Enuff  Sign 
Kamp Kandy "Kamp Kandy started out as a large Strawberry jar filled with candy for the kids around our site. In the past 7 years, it has become an "institution", with many kids starting to talk to their parents about it several months before the festival. We are usually located about 100 feet down the road from Camp Pig-Out." Sign 
Kaamp Koool  Sign 
Kamp Kermit  Sign 
Kamp Ketchy Naym "We couldn't come up with a "catchy name" we came up with "Kamp Ketchy Naym". The Forde Family (Dan, Candy, Danica & Ladron) have been coming to Strawberry every Fall since 1994 from Aspen, Colorado. We try to set up every year at the corner of Hog Ranch Road and Rock In The Road. Come say "Hi!" Sign 
Kamp Kleen  Sign 
Kamp Knot A Klue  Sign 
Kamp Koala "Established 1995, with earlier versions appearing in 1994. Usual number of campers = 20. Look for our white carport/canopy with the Kamp Koala banner and the orange koala road signs as you approach. We are right behind the new cabin 60, between the general store and the Meadow on Hog Ranch Road, in the vicinity of Bathhouse C (women's side). Highlights include excellent food and drink (avocados, salmon, avocados, fajitas, avocados, grilled cheese sandwiches, avocados, margaritas and the ever-present Pickin' Liquor) in great quantity, as well as bluegrass and folk jams with the occasional excellent percussionist joining in. We also feature propane heaters and bass players on demand. Kampers span 3 generations. Lineage of the personalities is vague, but we had Australian influences early on, hence our name. We are mostly from the SF Bay Area, but new members hail from parts South. The Grateful Dudes from So. Cal. are usually somewhere close by.... --Lisa Burns and Larry Mix, your camp hosts. " Sign 
Kamp Korea  Sign 
Kamp Krap  Sign 
Kamp Laciessheyear  Sign 
KMAK  Sign 
Koalas Crossing  Sign 
Ky Twisters  Sign 
Lance Buzzkill and the Jam Crackers  Sign 
L.D. & F.F.  Sign 
Le Kamp Fi-Fie-Faux-Feu "We are an off-shoot of Camp "B2 _____" which was in turn a spin-off from Dale and Marilyn Barcellos Camp Avalanche. We've only been going for three festivals and we were surprised that there weren't any campfires allowed. As a result, we made one that is fake and only powered by batteries... but it looks pretty real." Camp Sign | Photo 1 | Photo 2 
Little Camp Rehension "I've been going to Strawberry Music Festivals now for about 7 years, but mostly solo, camping on my own or with friends at other camps. In the last year or so, we've gathered a few friends and have established our own camp bringing different skills, and/or the lack thereof, to our spot at the head of the Sunrise Trail. It is a grand work in progress, though primarily, we don't know what the hell we are doing, hence the name, "Little Camp-Rehension". Anyway, the spirit of Strawberry is alive and growing in leaps and bounds, and our fine camp is unfolding with great fanfare. Here's a photo of us yahoos. - All the best, Steve Curl" Photo 
Little Om-Nippy-Tent City "Our traditional buzz began in the Leland dust bowl of ’82 where we forged our sissy campin’ technique with grilled sea foods, glass bottled beverages and a home-made shade canopy in the "meadow". (T-shirt don’t hardly fit no more.) We’ve since staked our claim creek-side below the arts & crafts shack with a leering eye towards wayward interlopers – a quiet cul-de-sac known as "Dead End Camp". The core camp councilors are Merced folks Terri & Paul "Mental" Ward partnered with Ginger & Billy BOBtone Taylor – always quick to advise the ignorant and encourage the seeker. We ain’t nearly as spry as we were 20 some odd years ago when it comes to things like pre-dawn "strolls". However, we’re wiser to know when to put the cork back in the jug, when to nap, and when to beat the a.m. bathhouse stink. Hence the new handle: Little Om-Nippy-Tent City." Sign 
Logic Free Zone  Sign 
Longfellow Ave 500  Sign 
Lower Shang  Sign 
Mally's Full House  Sign 
Marty & Jodi  Sign 
McGroovys Corner "Located at the intersection of Bear Walk and the dirt frontage road...and just backstage right of the Amphitheatre is McGroovy's Corner. You can find Beth plus her eclectic group of friends from SF, Minnesota, LA, Nevada, Bakersfield or elsewhere. The street sign serves as a landmark for a great little neighborhood that includes Camp M&M, Camp we all just get along, and many other friends of the Bushta's in Cabin 5." Sign | Sign 2 
Matuca County  Sign 
McCamp "McCamp can be found near where the Sunrise Trail begins, where a multitude of merry McCampers have been meeting since 1991." 
Men in Trees  Sign 
Menesez Family  Sign 
Mike's Bloody Marys  Sign 
Mikey's Korner  Sign 
Moon Lighters  Sign 
Moosic Camp  Sign 
Mosquito Junction  Sign 
My Other Shirt Is A Dog Suit  Sign 
Northern California Bluegrass Society (Santa Cruz Bluegrass Society) "The Santa Cruz Bluegrass Society was founded in 1982, changed its name to the Northern California Bluegrass Society in 1999, and has been a fixture at Strawberry from the beginning! We have about 700 members, mostly in the San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay Areas, and on Strawberry weekends, we are mostly at Camp Mather! We camp all over the place, but fly our historic green "SCBS" banner on Hog Ranch Road near "downtown" Strawberry across from the food court and restrooms. The camp usually has a friendly jam going, plus membership info. Stop by, say hi!" Sign | Sign 2 
Ohelo-Papa Camp  Sign 
Old Baldy and the Bears  Sign 
One Foggy Mountain Way  Sign 
O'Tay Corral  Sign 
Paradise Groove  Sign 
Pat and the Wet Spots  Sign 
Pathetic Honey  Sign 
Perspective Is Hard  Sign 
Phriends of Phred "So named because everyone in our camp was either coerced, cajoled, intimidated, bribed, or otherwise convinced to come to thier first Strawberry by our illuminated leader, Phred Carter. With close to a 100% recidivisim rate, our ranks have swelled (who you callin' rank?). We've been largely nomadic, having moved into town from Sunrise Trail several years ago, but we think we've found a home just across the barbed wire in Coyote Meadow. We usually can be found indulging our taste for Pure Pork Products and fine Tequila. Bring a bottle (100% de agave only please) and our panel of experts will be happy to evaluate it for you." Sign 
Pigs Fly Zone  Sign Photo 
Poor Man''s Whiskey  Sign 
Raisin Kane  Sign 
Rebel Refuge  Sign 
Rose's  Sign 
Sid Lewis and the Camp JamGrass Revolution "This Camp was Formed in 2002 by the Band Jamgrass Revolution Featuring Sid Lewis (Banjo,Guitar,Vocals) David Breed (Percussion,Vocals) Lancer Hardy (Bass,Vocals) and Bruce Macmillan (Dobro,Lap Steel,Guitar,vocals} We all Look Forward To The late night jams with everybody at our first Strawberry Music festival. Sid Lewis Can be reached at The Acoustic College (530-894-2526).David Breed Can be contacted at Drums By Dave (530-321-9656) See you all there!" Sign 
Slow Turk  Sign 
Smiley Mountain Band  Sign 
Sons of Pappy  Sign 
Spaced Camp "Strawberrians since 1986. Located in beautiful Wildflower Meadow — near the horse corral. Aliens and orbs will lead you to us." Sign | Group Photo 1 | Group Photo 2 
Stans American Bar, No Grill "It was established in 1991 when I was recruited to work gate C by Miz Linda. It is located up on the hill behind Bathhouse C. The sign was handmade by Miz Linda herself, and if the pattern looks familiar, take another look at the movie, Casablanca, with Humphrey Bogart. Get it yet? Rick's Cafe Americain, the sign in the window. Remember now, if the sign is lit up, stop on up, the bar is open!" - Stan Sign | Photo 1 | Photo 2 | The Prize - Faux Fire Contest 
Strawberry Bound  Sign 
Strawberry  Sign 
Strawberry Camp Sleep  Sign 
Strawberry Fields Forever "We're visiting from the Kate Wolf Festival. 5 adults (2 sisters and a sister and her brother and assorted mates and 1 teenager. We've decided to call ourselves "Strawberry Fields Forever". We're from Oakland, San Geronimo and Key Biscayne, FL. All but one of us has been camping every summer at Berkeley Tuolumne Family Camp. I hope to send you a picture of our Camp Flag soon. Let the fun begin." 
Strawberry Fiddles Forever  Sign | Sign 2 
Strawberry Fog Camp "Camp Fog originated with the Cale and Wood families from Pacifica coming together. We began regularly bringing our family and friends in 2002. Come visit our camp site and get lost in our Strawberry fog." Sign 
Strawberry Hilton  Sign | Sign 2 | Sign 3 
Strawberry Horse Camp  Sign 
Strawberry Jammin'  Sign 
Strawberry Kids  Sign 
Strawberry or Bust "We've been here at Strawberry for over 20 years, me thinks. Located at cabin #30 just up from the dining hall. Plenty of kids, jamming with beginners and all levels welcome. Come on by!!!" Sign 
Strawberry Nation  Sign 
Strawberry Patch "We are "Strawberry Patch". I have been coming to fall Strawberry since 1984, my husband and son, since 1986, and in recent years my nephews started coming, then my brother and family joined them. We will be coming this year from Sparks, Nevada and Portland, Oregon, and some of us have recently started attending the spring Strawberry, too. We camp on the women's side of bathhouse "C" where ever we can squeeze in. The name came about when I found a little wooden sign at a craft faire, and dubbed it our official name. This year I have my quilting stepmom working on a quilted sign that will bear the "Strawberry Patch" name and be easier to see. So come on by and say "howdy" if you see us. Barb" Sign 1 | Sign 2 | Sign 3 
Strawberry Ponies  Sign 
Strawberry Stage  Sign 
Strawberry Time "It's Strawberry Time! Mathematical!" Sign 
Strawberry Twins  Sign 
Suckem Up  Sign 
Sun Camp "We have been on Heathen Hill for four years now. Our camp was founded in 2004 as "the home of the musical piggies". All are welcome in our camp. We hope fellow strawberrians stop by to jam with us!" Sign 
Tanner Town "Tanner Town was created in the Fall of 1998 in the Honor of the Town Mayor Tom Tanner at Cabin 76. Medical and Security members relocated there after their orginal home at the top of Horse Camp became to small. Half of Security and Medical still resides on top of the hill and the other half resides in Tanner Town. Tanner Town tipically has a population of 15 people including children and is know for it's late night card games. The sign was routered by Joe Culvahouse in the spring of 1998." Sign 
Tarp Town "Come visit us at" Sign | Sign 2 | Group Photo 
Tequila Flats  Sign 
Terrapin Station  Sign 
The Barney Miller Band  Sign 
The Beatings Will Continue  Sign 
The Bunmires  Sign 
The Camp Site Of Leaning Tree  Sign 
The Domestic Seven  Sign 
The Harrington's Camp Whistle Pig "As long as the beer's cold and the bass tub's kickin' - we'd be campin'" 
The Happy Campers  Sign 
The Hen Haus "kristine & glenda in a camper, located in wildflower meadow close to backstage area. established 1998. kris sells gourds at the artisan's tent some years, glen is her surly sales assistant...we can be found most afternoons on our floaties in birch lake" Sign 
The Kleins  Sign 
The Lodi Shoes  Sign 
The Lost Dogs "We have been attending the fest for over 10 years now and have a rather large set up with a full kitchen and a 30' X 30' circus type tent, the jams happen all night every night and the Lost Dogs stick to pretty much original music. Whare you may ask...why Lost Dog camp is located right next door to Camp Pig Out or on the corner of Twin Giants Road and Hidden Meadow Loop, we like it there because camp pig out is not a quiet place and we are not a quiet camp." Sign 
The Men's Crisis Center  Sign 
The Original Camp Slant  Sign 
The Revival  Sign 
The Rodarte's  Sign | Photo 
The Royal Metal Bucket  Sign 
The Rusty Strings  Sign 
The Swamp  Sign 
The Three Graces  Sign 
The Trespassers  Sign 
The Veg E Bus  Sign 
The Very Happy Campers  Sign 
This Is The Seisiun  Sign 
Thistle Camp  Sign 
Tiki Bar  Sign 
Toot-Sadeh  Sign 
Trailer Trash  Sign Sign 2 
Trogdor!! The Burninator  Sign 
Turdl's Camp B Serious  Sign 
Turkey Crossing  Sign 
Upper Shang  Sign 
UPTE Local 6  Sign 
Wag More  Sign 
Welcome To Lodi City Of Grapes  Sign 
Western Howdy  Sign 
Why Camp We Be Friends  Sign 
Wichita Willie's Wigwam  Sign "Dont forget We've been here a while. Just because .coms have crashed doesnt mean we won't be in our usual spot between the Twin Giants for the Spring Festival. We have a wide assortment of musical tastes. Some of us are musicians, others are merely concert promoters! Assortment of English and Domestic strawberry heads. Noted for the strawberry hats worn by most of us and this year we have something special. Stop by and find out what it is?" 

Much thanks to Stan Stratton ( for collecting and then digitally enhancing the vast majority of the camp sign images that appear above.

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