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Our Town

You’re motoring down the road of life, Hetch Hetchy and Yosemite National Park are a stones throw away. Suddenly, herds of range cattle appear before you and the winsome caravan of cars and campers you’ve been traveling with comes to an immediate halt. From your vantage point on Evergreen Road the rustic cabin in Ackerson Meadow lets you know you’re almost home. Soon you will take your place on Hog Ranch Road, meandering through camp, visiting old friends, creating new memories. You exhale the bustle and inhale the calm knowing that for the next four days everything will be right with the world. Our Town is a vibrant community. In this section we’ve included a photo gallery of the festival experience where you’ll find pictures of cherished friends, notoriously colorful camps, jammin’ jams and those special places that bring your memories to life. In addition, please explore the links to Strawberry History and Lore, Strawberry Camps, The Strawberry Way, Friends of Camp Mather, etc. We’d love to include your photos as well. Send your submissions to us through our photo submission form or mail them to Strawberry Music Festival P.O. Box 664 Jamestown, CA 95327.

For a great introduction to the festival, you can check out a video documentary shot behind-the-scenes at the Spring 2012 Festival or you can listen to an interview with Charlie Cran, one of the festival's founders. Both of these pieces were created by Pat Walsh, a Sacramento sportcaster and Strawberry veteran.

The festival gates open in 2016-05-26 08:00:00 GMT-07:00