Spring 2015 Strawberry Music Festival
Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley, CA

May 21st-25th, 2015

Fall 2015 Strawberry Music Festival
Westside, Tuolumne, CA

September 3rd-7th, 2015

The Wood Brothers will perform at the Fall 2015 festival Our beautiful new venue location for the Fall festival in Tuolumne, CA The California Honeydrops will perform at the Fall 2015 festival Our beautiful new venue location for the Fall festival in Tuolumne, CA The Dead Winter Carpenters will perform at the Fall 2015 festival Our beautiful new venue location for the Fall festival in Tuolumne, CA Fruition will perform at the Fall 2015 festival Our beautiful new venue location for the Fall festival in Tuolumne, CA The Brothers Comatose will perform at the Fall 2015 festival The Little Fuller Band will perform at the Fall 2015 festival Cafe Musique will perform at the Fall 2015 festival

Lots more photos in our Photo Gallery!

Welcome to the 2015 Strawberry Music Festival Season

Our 34th Year of Festivals

The Fall 2015 Festival will take place Labor Day Weekend, on September 3rd-7th at the historic Westside property in Tuolumne, CA. We are so excited to be working with The Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk’s Economic Development Authority and Tuolumne County’s officials to bring the Fall Festival back to Tuolumne County. Steeped in history and natural beauty, Westside is easy to get to, but still off the beaten path. Set on approximately 175 acres of Sierra foothill, oak woodland, Westside offers vistas of historic Tuolumne rooftops and beyond to Duckwall Mountain and the Tuolumne River canyon. Home of the historic Westside Lumber Company mill yard and mill pond, the Fall 2015 Festival site borders the quiet and charming town of Tuolumne, formerly known as Carter’s. Many folks in the local community have stories to tell about Westside, and we hope to invite you to share in those stories here on the website and at the festival. Just a short walk or bicycle ride into town there is a shady park with green grass, historic Tuolumne Memorial Veteran’s Hall, the swimming pool, baseball diamond, horseshoe pits, and the Tuolumne City Memorial Museum. Due to the drought, Turnback Creek that feeds the Mill Pond is dry, but the pond is lush with vegetation and wildlife, and there are many trails and roads that make it easy to access camping and festival programming.

In addition to over twenty Main Stage Performances beginning Thursday afternoon through Sunday evening, Strawberry offers Workshop performances, the Band Scramble, the Breakfast Club, Late Night programming, Westside Amphitheater performances, Kids Program performances, and Hog Ranch Radio broadcast throughout the festival. Other programs include the top notch Kid’s Program, Yoga, historical and nature presentations, art & photography workshops, dance & movement workshops, jamming and music workshops, and so much more! Shopping opportunities include a variety of fine cuisine in the Food Court, the Strawberry Artisans booth, Strawberry T-Shirt booth, Strawberry Preserves offering a variety of festival supply, the CD Booth, the luthier is available for an emergency fix, Music Caravan for you music supply needs, face painters, massage, and the Drink Booth featuring ICE. There is always friendly staff available to help you, so stop by the Information Booth, the Security/Safely Command Post, and the Med Tent if you have questions or need assistance during the festival. With the exception of late night programming, food, and festival merchandise, all these programs and services are included in the price of your Day or Camping ticket.

Hot showers, a permanent restroom building, portable toilets and hand washing stations throughout camp, and access to potable water are all provided. Camping is first come first serve, however if you have a camping ticket, there will be space for you whenever you arrive. A majority of the camping is in tree lined open spaces, with easy access to festival programming. The brush crew is working to create more camping amongst the trees, but please be prepared to bring your own shade canopy. Feel free to take the amount of space that you need for your group to be comfortable, not more or less. Where your camp ends another will begin, so please be considerate of your neighbor. You can drive to and keep vehicles with most camp sites, but we suggest you move extra cars to the parking lot to make more space for other campers. Staff is available to help you find your camp site should you need assistance. It’s very important that we are all very mindful of fire hazard in the Sierras this Fall, so please take extreme care in the camping areas. Please be aware that no pets or ground or charcoal fires are allowed.

For more information about the festival or to buy tickets, call the office M-F, 9am-5pm at (209) 984-8630. To see ticket pricing and details visit the Tickets page or BUY TICKETS online now through Brown Paper Tickets.


9/16/2015Thank you for joining us at Strawberry Fall 2015! Now that we’ve shaken off the dust and gotten back into our office routines, we are eager to receive your feedback. Please click to fill out the Strawberry Fall 2015 Survey. We look forward to your comments and observations. Thank you!
8/31/2015Important addition to the WHAT TO PACK list:
As this is a year of firsts for Strawberry at Westside, we are transitioning into to making it comfortably our very own. We would like to point out that there is not yet quite the level of public seating at Westside to which we are normally accustomed. Please consider bringing extra chairs/seating to the Music Meadow and Play Stage in order to make it a more comfortable experience. Additionally, we encourage you to bring extra tarps and/or pads if you plan to lay out a blanket, or prefer ground seating. There has been some confusion about whether or not tarps are allowed on the Music Meadow. We would like to clarify that tarps are indeed allowed, and also highly encouraged!

We are excited about this new beginning; this Festival belongs to all of us equally. We thank you for working together with us to make the Fall 2015 Festival the Best Festival Ever…. Again!
8/28/2015Breaking News! The Saturday night's TBA will be Keller Williams' Grateful Grass featuring members of The Infamous Stringdusters and Friday night's TBA will be Holly Williams. Thanks for hanging in there folks and See you there!
8/27/2015Important Information:
Our office will close at 5pm on Tuesday, September 1st and online ticket sales for advance prices shut down at 12:00 Noon on Wednesday, September 2nd.
Ticket prices increase at the Festival Gate, which opens at 8:00am on Thursday, September 3rd. View Advanced and Gate ticket prices or TO SAVE MONEY BUY TICKETS NOW. Once the office closes, our messages will be forwarded to us hourly throughout the festival. If you have questions about the Fall 2015 Festival or need to reach staff leave a message at (209) 984-8630 and we will re-open for general business on Monday, September 14th.

Please read the Entrance Plan for the Fall 2015 Festival.
8/26/2015If camping is not quite your speed, then here’s a deal for you… The Inns Of California is offering a special room rate of just $79.99 to Strawberrians throughout the festival. Located in beautiful, historic downtown Sonora, The Inns Of California is just 8 miles from Westside.
8/24/2015Everyone wants to know what the site for the Fall 2015 Festival look like and thanks to festival map maker extraordinaire, Steve Kenworthy, now we can. Take a look at the Festival Map and Fall 2015 Festival program cover to see where camping and activities are taking place.
8/24/2015Announcing the Fall Festival Trivia Contest! Get familiar with the Fall lineup for a chance to win one of two pairs of 4 Day Camping Tickets! All you need to do to is correctly answer three trivia questions via online submission form. Visit the Contest Page to see the questions, then dive into the Performer Bios to sleuth out the answers. Winners will be randomly drawn from those who’ve submitted their correct answers by 9:00am on Friday 28th. We will notify winners and make a congratulatory announcement by 5pm that day. Thanks for playing and Good Luck!
8/20/2015 We are thrilled to announce two wonderful additions to our lineup! Queen of the Keys, Marcia Ball is back to light up our Sunday evening, and Autoharp Hall of Famer, Bryan Bowers will be enchanting our Saturday morning. Sit tight and stay tuned for more lineup announcements to come!
8/13/2015Strawberry welcomes two young and powerful female songbirds to the lineup; Hannah Jane Kile will open Thursday night and A.J. Lee kicks off Friday morning Main Stage performances. Welcome to the lineup ladies!
8/10/2015Dave Alvin and Phil Alvin with the Guilty Ones are heading up their tour with a stop to close Thursday night this Fall, preceding the release of their new album Lost Time. Here’s a preview of good times to come, even though this World’s in a Bad Condition . Surviving Monday and the condition of the world is better when can look forward to welcoming our festival favorite Dave Alvin, playing with his brother Phil Alvin for the first time at Strawberry!
8/5/2015We’re happy to welcome back to the Strawberry Stage Reno’s own, musical alchemists Jelly Bread. Have a taste of Friday afternoon’s dance dish; infusing soul and funk with a dash of alternative, and thoroughly steeped in Rock-Americana.
8/5/2015This just in- closing out the Fall 2015 Festival with a bang will be our favorite 9 piece swing standard Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Enjoy your Wednesday with a sample of how your Sunday night at the festival will sound
7/31/2015The latest additions to the Fall 2015 lineup are Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys and The Haunted Windchimes. While we are very busy finalizing the lineup and festival programs, we’ll have lot’s more information to share very soon! So stay tuned and we’ll see you there!
7/23/2015We are very pleased to announce that The Wood Brothers, Dead Winter Carpenters, Brothers Comatose, and the T Sisters will be joining us at the Fall 2015 Festival. Stay tuned for upcoming lineup and festival programming announcements.
7/10/2015We are very pleased to announce the first round of bookings for the Fall 2015 Festival. Joining us at Westside will be The California Honeydrops, Fruition, Café Musique, The Broadcast, and The Little Fuller Band. Stay tuned for more information and see you there!
6/29/2015With just a few details yet to finalize, we are excited to announce that tickets for the Fall 2015 Festival will go on sale on Wednesday, July 15th at 9:00am. Ticket prices and particulars will be available on the website at that time. Stay tuned for more information regarding lineup and programming for the first Fall Festival at Westside in Tuolumne, CA on September 3rd - 7th. See you there!
6/17/2015Thanks very much to the Board of Supervisors for their unanimous approval of the Use Permit for the Fall 2015 Festival at Westside! We are so excited to return to the economic and artistic landscape in Tuolumne County and very grateful to everyone who has helped to make it happen! Let the planning commence!
6/16/2015Today our Use Permit for the Fall 2015 Festival goes before Tuolumne County's Board of Supervisors. We really appreciate all of the feedback and support that we have received from the local community throughout this process. We are hoping to make the official announcement and provide details regarding ticket sales very soon!

Thank you!
6/16/2015We would like to thank the staff at the Nevada County Fairgrounds for working with us to make the Spring 2015 Festival such a great weekend! In particular, we would like to thank and congratulate Sandy Woods, who has just retired as CEO, after a long career of accomplished service with the Nevada County Fairgrounds spanning back to 1995. Just this year Sandy was honored with induction into the Western Fairs Association Hall of Fame and is credited with aiding California’s fairs to endure challenges of the recession. In our short time at the Nevada County Fairgrounds, we have gained an immense amount of respect for Sandy Woods and the entire team there. While she may have retired as CEO, she continues her work with the Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation and was even one of the friendly faces in the Foundation Station pouring beer and wine to thirsty festival goers at the Spring Festival. Thank you Sandy Woods!