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Kids' Program


The Strawberry Kids’ activities at Birch lake feature a full lineup of music, arts & crafts, nature programs, dance workshops, storytelling, and more for kids of all ages. Four separate programs are designed for age specific interests while other activities are appropriate for all age levels, including adult-size kids! Many of our arts & crafts activities incorporate recycled materials to encourage awareness and appreciation of creative reuse. Programs are free and materials are provided. Our staff consists of talented and enthusiastic teachers, naturalists, artists, musicians, and parents, whose goal is to provide your child with the optimum, mega-fun Strawberry experience. We are not staffed to provide a day-care service, therefore, we require children under 6 years old be accompanied by an adult buddy when in the play area. The play is creative and lively in the Strawberry Kids’ Program, so make sure to bring clothes which may be "colorfully enhanced." Materials used are non-toxic and mostly washable.

Sticky Fingers

Activities for toddlers and preschoolers, ages 5 and under, are designed to be process-oriented and interactive. Young ones will find many opportunities for exploring their curiosity and creativity in a colorful, stimulating environment. Paint, glue, and play dough are in abundance! Whether creating a colorful collage, a splattered paint masterpiece, or any number of other exciting projects, these busy little people will find plenty of amusing activities and will wear lots of smiles.

Crafty Hands

This program for children between 6 and 9 years old includes a variety of imaginative arts & crafts activities utilizing a wide assortment of media. Individual projects are designed to encourage the creative process while producing a Strawberry keepsake to bring home. Windsocks, Kaleidoscopes, Weaving, and Recycle Art are among the many exciting projects that have been created. Activities also include mural painting, bean bag toss games, bubbles and more.


10-12 year olds have a special program of their own, with exciting arts & crafts activities designed to challenge inquiring minds and maturing hands. Marble Painting, Wax Hands, Dream Catchers, and Wire Sculpture are just a few examples of the amazing and resourceful Mid Kid crafts. Many new surprises are in the lineup for this year! Mid Kids will also play cooperative "New Games" and gather for evening stories around a "Fireless Campfire" or a rousing game of Capture the Flag.


The Teen Program, for ages 13-17, is bigger and better than ever and offers a diverse program of activities. Teens kick off the weekend Thursday night at the Dining Hall where they meet old and new friends and help to plan the weekend's activities. From 7-10 PM teens can hang around and listen to music, talk and play games. The rest of the weekend includes: Teen dances Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights; "Open Mic" on Sunday evening before the dance; Wilderness Awareness Program; Underground Radio Basics workshop and radio station (89.5 FM!); and Arts & Crafts at Birch Lake: An expanded program starting on Thursday and running each afternoon. Arts and Crafts activities have included henna tattoos, mirror etching, and much more. (Remember to bring a white shirt or something else to Tie-Dye!)

For Kids of All Ages

Enjoy the beauty of Birch Lake and the joyful spirit of its surroundings. The Birch Lake Stage features musical performances designed especially for children. "Kids" of all ages will delight in a variety of other activities, including: Storytelling, The Sunday Story Swap, Yoga, Dance workshops (Swing, Contra, Caribbean, Aerobics and more), Art workshops, Fiddle for Kids and Adults, New Games, Nature Hikes, and Family Sing-a-Longs. A highlight of the weekend's festivities is the Strawberry Kids' Parade on Sunday.

You will find a schedule of kid's activities from a recent festival in the Gate Handout or check out the Kids' Program Photo Gallery if you would like to see some of these activities in action.


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